Caspar’s Crystal Healing

Caspar’s Crystal Healing is an online company that deals with  Crystal Sessions.  Caspar’s main aim is to use crystals to help heal you! He offer many calls and documents and Caspar even specializes in selling clear quartz from all over France and the world. Caspar believes that crystals are one of the lost treasures of the world and can help heal physical and emotional blockages. 

We offer at the moment 3 different types of services.

First of all Caspar offers an audio crystal healing. During the audio call, we start off with a purifying white light meditation to clear your aura and help you get ready for the session. Then after that, we delve into your chakras, we talk about what crystals are coming forward to help you to achieve the goal of balancing all your chakras. Some crystals can also help you relieve pain and stress in a chakra. One can also help you relieve emotional blockages.