The Five Platonic Solids (Octahedron) and Last Nights Storm!

Over the next 4 blog posts i am going to be writing about the five platonic solids; one of the main subjects we learned about in Chartres. I have already written about the Tetrahedron before on my blog, which is the first of the 5 PLAtonic solids so i would recommend you read that thenContinue reading “The Five Platonic Solids (Octahedron) and Last Nights Storm!”

I’m In France

In Today’s Blog Post i will be writing about where i am now and also about my birthday. I am also going to be starting to post daily again (well i will try as hard as i can) Don’t forget to like the post and follow my blog if you are new!

Special Announcement and Mercury

Hi Guys!   How are you today I hope you are having an absolutely fabulous day and today I am going to be writing about my 15 week old baby brother. I have not told you about him yet and I am going to today. I hope you enjoy this blog post and if youContinue reading “Special Announcement and Mercury”

The Beast from the East!

Today I am going to be writing about the current storm that is happening in England at the moment which i am experiencing! No doubt snow is fun but it can also be EXTREMELY dangerous so i am going to be telling you about it.

An Update !

Hi Guys Im back and today i’m going to be writing about where i am right now and why I have not been posting and my new schedule. I am so excited about this post and i hope your are as well. Lets start with where i am …. at the moment i am inContinue reading “An Update !”

Chartres Labyrinth

Hi, Guys! Today I am going to be writing about the Labyrinth inside of Chârtres Cathedral. The other week I walked this labyrinth and I found it amazing so I decided to share some information on the magical floor pattern with you guys! So I really hope you enjoy today’s blog and if you do don’t forget toContinue reading “Chartres Labyrinth”


Hey guys today I am writing about one of the healthiest fruits in the world Durian. There are hundreds of health benefits that Durian brings; recently I was drinking a Sour sop drink and my mum said “I swear this is Durian!” So we searched on the Internet and it is. We know that sourContinue reading “Durian”

Koh Samui Poster

Today as we are in koh samui I have decided to do a poser on koh samui. Also I am going to talk about us travelling to Borneo     Flying I am really excited to be flying to Borneo. I feel that I am ready to leave and it is time for a newContinue reading “Koh Samui Poster”

Putting Our Feet Up and Flooding

Flooding A river floods when to much water is travelling down the channel and that makes there banks move outwards and can create major problems for the people on land. Why Do Rivers Flood? Flooding tends to occur when there has been a high amount of rainfall; the nature of the land around the riverContinue reading “Putting Our Feet Up and Flooding”

Weather and Climate of Antarctica

Today I am going to write about the Antarctican climate and also the weather down there. I am really excited to write about this topic and I hope you are excited to read about it. Antarctican Climate Antarctica can be call a desert because of the short amount of rain fall (precipitation). Even though itContinue reading “Weather and Climate of Antarctica”