Myanmar Life

Today I wrote about life in Myanmar I hope you enjoy. Please subscribe to my youtube channel- Life   Living Conditions The living conditions in Myanmar are not the greatest for most people. There are many people that live under the poverty line. Most people tend to live in wooden or metal shacks; you may think that they are unhappy but they tend to be as happy as larry. Even though they don’t have that much they still enjoy their life. In Bagan near the Ayeyarwady River at sunset you can see families go down to it; the women will … Continue reading Myanmar Life

Mum’s Birthday

Today I wrote about the twin towers I hope you enjoy it. I know I have already posted about the Twin Towers but I wanted to give you some more information.   The Twin Towers are located in KlCC and are the tallest buildings in the whole KL. They also used to be the biggest buildings in the world until 2004 when Taipei 101 was built. Many people visit the huge building each year. One of the main attractions of the Twin Towers is the sky bridge that joins them together. Many people take pictures of the towers at the … Continue reading Mum’s Birthday