Today i went out with my dad and his girlfriend. We went to Flip Put a trampoline park and i had a lot of fun. I am starting to enjoy my time with my dad and i am tresuring it because soon i wont be in the same country as him. My football game was called off today and i was a not bummed about that because i enjoy playing football Fresh Start Sad times So that is it Over and Out Continue reading My DAD

Crystal Healing

One of my hobbies is crystal healing amd i love doing it. I recently qualified as a crystal healer on Centre of Excellence. It was very fun but also quite hard. I got 86.5 % in it and i was very proud of that. I am also doing a crystal healing session course on my mums yoga retreat and i am really excited.  Yesterday i finished my stone circle work. I will share that with you in a later post.  Today i also had a nice day with my mum we went out for breakfast. I am feeling her becoming … Continue reading Crystal Healing

Stone Circle

Today I have started a project on the Stone Circle near us and it is really exciting to learn about. So far I have learnt that the circle was made in the Neolithic ages and it is unknown why it is there and what is underneath it. The Stone Circle also has a 360 view of mountains and then it is just a flat space in the middle. That makes me think maybe a meteor hit their and they marked it out. By the way the stone circle that i am researching about is called the Keswick Stone Circle; go … Continue reading Stone Circle


From today onwards i am going to start posting daily and i am going to commit to it. Today my mum had a chat with me about me needing to commit to something so that is what is going to happen. I am going to start telling what i am doing each day during home schooling . If there are any kids that get home schooled please contact me. I have realised a lot that i need to commit to something so that is what i am going to do. Please contact me. Today i stated writing on Balo wich … Continue reading Commiting

The Adventure Begins

It is only three weeks until I set off to go to Bali with my mum…. i went to New Zealand and India a couple months ago and I had the time of my life. This time it is the real deal i am leaving England and going travelling. Are first stop is Bali where my mum is teaching a yoga teacher training course. We have rented a Villa in the jungle in the capital Denpasar and it looks amazing. We arrive there 4 days before the course begins. It has been hard moving all the stuff from the house … Continue reading The Adventure Begins

Home Schooling 

I love getting Home Schooled and i agree with my mum it is the best way to learn. I love writing about Racism; and I also hav enjoyed making my Máori project. Many people might think it is bad to take your child out of school but it is not i found out so much that I wouldn’t of in school. For example yesterday we went on a walk and i found out about loads of things; we found a pink mushroom and we saw loads of birds. At the moment I am writing a story and it has 4,500 … Continue reading Home Schooling 

Welcome To My Blog

I am Caspar and i am 10 and i travel around the world with mum and i love it. I am struggling to find out what to put my time into. I love travelling around the world so I might as well share my experience with the internet. My mum is an online teacher and she has taught me a lot and i love here so much. So far I have been to New Zealand and I absolutely love it everyone is so nice over there my mum has plans to move there and I hope they go ahead. After … Continue reading Welcome To My Blog