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by Caspar Drummond


by Collette Oonah Corcoran

Make sure you have a look at my mums newest blog post on BECOMING REAL this post will really make you feel if YOU are what you say you are …

The shadow of the self is very important work to do for anyone that is on a path of inner exploration. It is so important to not only be doing the work with someone who can catch you out of your own ego, denial, deceit and avoidance, but to be implementing the realisations in some form of change in your life. I have found in my work with this side of myself, the deepest and the most liberating and showing of all. I had spent years previously imagining ‘figures of light’ and bypassing the deeper work because it was easier to be positive and happy. Little did I know the real damage I was doing to my soul and how I was delaying my healing! It is only when I started to work with my shadow side, see it, feel it, know its motives and act against it could I embody more ‘happiness’ more ‘light’ and only then did real changes occur in my life, real liberation, freedom and self empowerment.

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By Collette Oonah Corcoran

For the first post on my new extras page it is probably going to be quite unexpected… I am going to be sharing a blog post with you guys from my mum.

She writes about the new 10 year challenge launched by facebook. She tells us about how the simple looking chance too show yourself 10 years ago and how it is really something a lot deeper…. click here to find out more