My Crystal Healing Sessions

I have started to use my Crystal Healing Diploma and using it again. I am going to be handing out sessions learn more below. My Certificate of Authorisation Download Please make sure you contact me if you are interested and any questions you have please ask me them  

The Cuboctahedron

The Cuboctahedron The Cuboctahedron is the most honest shape in the universe. The 12 centres of the 12 spheres, when joined, form this shape. Its 12 internal angles from the centre radianting outwars are at 60 degrees to one another. Not only are the 24 edges the same length, say 1 unit each, all the …

Archemedean Solids

Archimedean Solids Archimedean solids are one of the 13 solids first discovered by Archimedes. They are the half regular convex polyhedra composed of regular polygons meeting in identical vertices, excluding the 5 Platonic solids (which are made up of only one type of polygon) and excluding the prisms and antiprisms. Identical vertices mean that each …

The Five Platonic Solids – Hexahedron

Hi guys and welcome bavk to a brand new blog post and today i am going to be writitng about the Cube as a Platonic Solid and also Metatrons cube. I will also bee writing about what i have been upto. If you enjoy this post hit that like button and if you are new around don't forget to give my blog a follow. Also to receive my newsletter and important info please comment your email down below!