Our Holiday in the South of France Pt.2

Welcome to part two of my this three part series about my time on holiday in the south of France. In this blog post I am going to write about our visit to galamus gorge and the hot springs of Rennes-les-bains.

While we were on Holiday we visited a certain gorge called galamus gorge and it is located in the south of France. The Agly river runs right down the middle of the gorge. There is a church built into a cave and it is said that Mary Madeleine went into hiding into the same cage and she grew her hair so it covered all of her body.

We decided to go to galamus gorge when our friends visited us from Bermuda! We all got in our car with our swimming costumes in case we found somewhere to swim. The gorge was 1 hour from where we were camping. The road to the car park is infamous for its road that is on the edge of the cliff. We were all scared when we driving on this road. They had recently made this road one way so it was much safer ahah!

We went for a walk to the cave where Mary stayed and it was down a little rocky path and it was beautiful it was hid in a rock and there were faces all in the wall. We walked back up and decided to have a coffee. I was very excited because I saw that people were doing canyoning but sadly there were no more spaces left, but that worked out in my favour you will see in my next blog post!

The next day we went to the hot springs of Rennes-les-bains which are natural hot water springs that can reach boiling point. We went for a swim in them one day and people had made pools with rocks and the water was as hot as a bath and it made your skin feel so soft because of all the minerals.

There were lots of people in the hot springs so me and my family decided to walk down a bit further down the river and we found a lovely little waterfall and a bunch of rocks that I could jump off. The water was the perfect temperature and I was having gun in the water for ages. We decided to head back to the caravan as we were changing campsite the next day.

In the morning we started to pack up our stuff and start the journey to …

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