A holiday in the south of france P1

Welcome back to a long awaited blog post, many of you will be wondering where I have been. The answer to that is that I have been on holiday and I have also been in England for a month to see my dad so I have gathered lots of content to write about so that means more blog posts.

So welcome to the first part of this 3 part series of blog posts about my holiday in the south of France. This post I am going to be talking about the first place that we visited which is called Rennes-les-bains and it is located near one of the biggest wine producers: Limoux.

Firstly, lets talk about the pop up caravan that we all decided to do up to take on holiday. The caravan is made by a French caravan company called Rapido. We bought it and the inside was just plain and white but if you know my mum we had to bling it up! So we decided to redo the upholstery by hand and wallpaper the caravan. The process to redo the whole caravan took around a month to do. In the end we had redone the upholstery, painted and wallpapered the caravan and put new lino on the floor so we were finally ready to go away.

We all sat down one evening and we were talking about where we wanted to go, we could only go to places in France because this was during the COVID-19 pandemic. My mum said she had taught in a beautiful part of France down in the south near Carcassonne and she suggested that we should visit there. We all agreed and started to look for campsites and we decide to book four days there as it would be good to move campsite half way through the holiday. The campsite that we booked was called Camping la Bernade, it had a swimming pool, tennis court, mini golf, play ground, football pitch, basketball pitch and a bar and restaurant.

So the drive from our house in Haute Vienne would take around five hours which wasn’t really that bad. We packed the car up the night before and set off in the morning.

We arrived at the campsite around tea time so we decided to take the day off however the next day we decided to go the fountain of love which is a naturally formed fountain and swimming hole it is the coldest water in the region of Aude. There were rocks as you can see in the pictures that I was jumping off and the water made your skin feel so soft. This spot is said to have inspired one of France’s greatest writers, Jules Vernes, to write a lot of his books. Marlon got in with me but my mum decided to pass. As she doesn’t like cold water.

That is it for today guys I really hope you enjoyed todays blog post and keep your eyes out for part 2!

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