Phillip was a meat eater for all his life and was not open to trying a vegan diet. His friend Keeley had recommended le Temple de la Nourriture’s recipes.

Phillip decided to have a look at le Temple de la Nourriture’s recipes and the Vegan BBQ popped out to him. He looked at the pictures and was amazed how much it looked like a BBQ he is used to.

He bought the recipes and decided to invite his friends over for a BBQ.

He had all of his ingredients in his cupboard and after 1 hour had made the steaks and café de paris sauce.

His friends had no idea that the steaks and sausages weren’t made from a carcass.

After that meal Phillip said he would never turn back to meat. Never

That was 1 year ago and he hasn’t eaten meat since. He has bought every one of my recipes since then.

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