A Trip Away and a Big Reveal

Big Reveal

I have got something to reveal to everyone, the style of my blog is changing! I have decided to stop being a sheep and using simplistic logos and posters like everyone else’s. I am going to incorporate what I like into my new theme for my blog. I am going to stick to a 1950’s style for my BLOG and a 1950’s diner style for my food blog.

With this new change to my blog there is also going to be a new type of content coming out. I am going to be doing living off the land posts as you follow me as I try to grow my own food to use in my recipes. I have been given responsibility of the vegetable patch at my house and have got plenty of ideas so make sure you are all ready.

A Trip Away

I have now broken up for my school holidays here in France and my family and I have decided to go on trip to La Rochelle. We will be going for a couple of nights in a hotel and we are planning to discover the hidden gems of this beautiful seaside city. We are also planning to walk the, 3 km long, famous l’ile de Re bridge.

I’m really excited for our trip away and when I get back I will be writing a series of Blog Posts on the history of this city and also the things that we did when we were there.

2 thoughts on “A Trip Away and a Big Reveal

  1. Oooh wow! I love the new blog theme Caspar, it feels VERY YOU!
    Cannot wait to hear all about your trip away and look forward to seeing all that you share on your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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