What if hitler had won?

One of the biggest questions of all time is what would have happened if Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party and won world war two. There are several possibilities of the time that would have had to go the way of Adolph

First of all in 1940 Halifax would have had to either become prime minister or his plan with Neville chamberlain to overthrow Winston Churchill would’ve had to work. Now Halifax is in power he starts negotiation talks with Germany that are mediated by Italy. Germany would’ve had to propose good propositions. Let us say they did and the British Empire now become the Nazi British Reich.
With the British Empire out of the picture. Germany still had the USA to defeat they would have either had to bomb the USA until they surrendered or proposed some good propositions. With japan so close to America the most likely outcome would be the surrender and capture of the USA.

Now on the only front left Germany are still fighting Russia. At this point in the war Russia are running low on supplies and Germany make a surprise attack. So the German attack on Moscow would have had to be successful.

Germany now having no enemies to fight are declared as winners. They are left with a vast and corrupt Reich or empire. All Jewish, communist and gypsy people would be sent away to ‘settlement areas’ or death camps to the German government. It is estimated that the Jewish race would’ve been wiped out in 3 years after the Germans won the war. This thought makes your skin crawl. The third Reich’s main priority would be genetically cleanliness and all people would be sorted in to genetic categories. Anyone in category four would be sent to a concentration camp.

As the Japanese helped Germany throughout the war all people from Japanese heritage would be classed as category 1 or 2. The Nazi’s would have shared part of the Reich with them and below I have made a map of what I personally believe the world would have looked like in 1948 if Hitler had won WW2

Territorial Map of the World 1945

The world of Nazism makes the skin crawl a place where all freedom and rights are abolished. We should all realise how lucky we are to live in a world where we all live in a sort of world of freedom. We should not celebrate but mourn the fact that 103 million young men during ww1 and 2 had to give up their lives either fighting for our freedom or fighting for a cause they didn’t support.

Hitler is an example of an evil dictator but there are many here in our world today that we don’t realise. We should look at dictators who did horrible things in the past and compare them to people in power today. I believe a many of our leaders are horrible people who commit crimes just as bad as Hitler’s and the third Reich’s.

If WWIII broke out in our day and age an expected 400 million people would die if we do not stay vigilante of our leaders and stand up when the time is right we could have a war on our hands 4x as bad as wwI and wwII put together.


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