3 Step Vegetarian Ramen

This 3 step vegetarian (can be vegan) ramen has an amazing explosion of asian flavours running all the way through it and is so simple to make. Ramen is not normally recognised as a vegan dish as it is normally made with pork broth but vegetable broth is just the same and probably even better tasting.


Serves 4                                                    difficulty 1/10                                         time : 1 hr 20


Broth: 1.5l vegetable stock, 3 cloves of garlic, a thumb size piece of ginger, 2 tbsp dark soy, 2 birds eye chilli and 2 tbsp maple syrup.

3 servings of noodles

Garnish ideas: Pack Choi, Carrot, Courgette, Surgarsnap Peas, Spring Onions, Nori sheets, Mushrooms, Tofu and soft boiled eggs (leave out if wanted to be vegan)


  1. Add all the broth ingredients into a big sauce pan and allow to simmer for 1 hr
  2. Put the noodles in the pan and boil for 6 minutes.
  3. Add the broth to a bowl and the noodles then add the garnishes



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