le Temple de la Rose

Hello everybody and welcome to a very exciting blog post today I am going to be writing about my mums to be retreat that we are living in and trying to get ready to be open. So to find out all the hard work we have been putting into it read on!

We have had the house since October and ever since that day have been working very hard to get it all done. Our plan is to have a central conscious community hub where people come on things like; yoga retreats and meditation retreats. We are converting the house into a beautiful place of accommodation for people who come on the retreats each room will be themed on a holy person.

Recently, the furnace was fitted, it runs on wood, and it is making the house warm and cozy; it heats all the water and the radiators up so we are not reliant on any gas, coal or oil companies for our heating and hot water. There are open fires in the majority of the spaces. In the living room, there is a stove as well for those extra cold days.

At the moment the electrics are being re-done, by the man of the house Marlon Anthony Tait, even though it is a painful process it will be worth it by the end.

We have officially completed the first room fully! It is themed on the Lady of Guadalupe and is very beautiful. It contains two striking wooden beds and a 1930s pale yellow sink. It is very beautiful there. (look at the pictures below)

At the moment I have made my bedroom in the house but as we are having a retreat that is not possible. So, get ready this is the exciting bit, I am going to have a tree house in the woods as my bedroom! I know really cool isn’t it. That is going to start to be constructed this summer I can’t wait!

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Other News

This week we got two new chickens called Ônyx and Moonstone; they’re starting to settle in well we have built them a little coop for them to stay in. The black and brown one is mine, and that one is ônyx. The other one is Jayden’s (my stepbrothers) and his is white, however his is rather timid and she has not really settled in yet but I am sure she will.

On Wednesday I had I bike accident! I was riding down a ridgeline when my tire slipped and I fell down a 15 foot steep mound. I bruised my ribs and pulled my shoulder muscle but I am getting better everyday.

So guys I do hoped you enjoyed todays blog post and if you did please press the like button and share this post with your friends!

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