The Yellow Vest Movement

Ou le Gillet Jaune

Today I am going to be writing about the current so-called ‘Yellow Vest Movement’ taking place in France and how it is great seeing an uprise in people. I will also be sharing how the government has been putting a media blackout over the protests recently.

Since November there have been protests going on all over France because of the new Fuel tax brought in by the not very well liked president Emmanuel Macron. The tax was brought in during January 2019 and the French public was not happy at Macron.

Emmanuel Macron President of France

Macron came to Power in 2017, however, people say he did not come to power because people necessarily liked him. The main to candidates for the President of France was Mary le Pen and him (Emmanuel Macron), many people did not like Mary le Pen because of her radical and so-called dictator like ways, she was and still is the president of the demonic National Front so people opted for Macron. People regret their choice now.

Wealth Tax for Assets over 1,300,000 Euro

The wealth tax was an annual wealth tax in France aimed at people with assets over 1,3000,000 €. The tax was banished in 2017 and the working class was not happy about it and after that, the dominoes kept falling down because of more choices by Macron.

The new fuel tax was said to be brought in during January 2019, and the French president claimed it is part of his Climate Change plan. The French people were not happy about this because France is a big country so people need to use their cars, cars need petrol. The people decide that was it, Macron was going to step down and they were (are) going to make him. After the fuel tax increase, then the wealth tax repeal the French had enough.

Fuel Tax Increase

The yellow vest movements aim was (is) to decrease motor fuel and tax, improve the standard of living, a rise in the minimum wage and most importantly the resignation of President Macron. So in November 2018 riots started and the French started to stand up!

Yellow Vest Protest in Paris

It has been going on up to now and still is happening more than ever now. But President Macron announced in late January 2019 that news coverage of the Yellow Vest Movement will be stopped being broadcasted across the world. This annoyed a lot of French so they have now decided to protest a lot so that there is no way the world can’t see or hear about it. Protests are mainly peaceful but sometimes they can turn violent and even when the protests where being put on the international news only the violent ones were being shown. People say this is because governments do not want more countries to uprise.

Personally I feel it is great that people are standing up because things are wrong. I believe the world should really look at France and appreciate the people and how they are standing up for what they believe is right. Being in France and feeling the energy of the stand up is very powerful. It is also causing other people to stand up. Kids across Europe including France and England have been protesting about climate change and how more needs to be changed i think it is fantastic. Over all i think we all need to uprise against what we believe is wrong.

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