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Hi guys welcome to my new blog post today I am going to be posting about my  school life in France and how it is and I will be answering your questions from last week I hope you enjoy and if you do don’t forget to hit that like button and share with your friends, also if you are new please follow my blog to get updates on when I post.

My life in France is good and so is my school… I am going to talk about my school and in this, I will answer your questions from last week.

I start school at 8:10 so I get the bus from my local Marie’s (town hall) at 7:43 it takes me about 10 minutes to get to school so I play ping-pong in the morning for 15 minutes. We play ping-pong because we have three outdoor ping-pong tables on the playground so we use our hands to hit the ball. I have lessons after that up until 10:00 am and then I have a break for 20 minutes, I play ping-pong then as well. Then I have lessons up until 12:10 pm and on Mondays, I have football at lunchtime. In France, we get 2 hours for lunch so we have plenty of time to get our energy out.

You can choose to go home for lunch or you can have food at the canteen. The food is good in our school we get a choice of starter and then bread and cheese, a choice of main, mainly meat/fish with veg.  So the food is great but … I am a pescetarian (I eat fish but not meat) so it is hard for me in France. I have the starter and bread but when it is meat I have extra veg and extra fruit. So it isn’t that bad, fishy Friday is the best meal by far!

So after lunch, that finishes at 14:50, I have lessons up to 15:40 and have a break until 16:00 and then I have one lesson and finish school. I get home at about 17:30.

School is very different in France we have PE all afternoon on Mondays (3 hours) compared to only having it for one hour. All of my lessons tend to be for more than 1 hour, most of them are 1 hour and a half.

We also have Wednesday afternoons off. This is the time when you play your school football/rugby games for example. We also have something called ETUDE in France which is literally translated to ‘study’ where we have time to do homework or you can go home.

So overall my school is very good I am enjoying it. If you have enjoyed this blog post don’t forget to like this blog post and share with your friends if you are new please follow.

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