I Am Back and A NEW Adventure

Hello everybody after a long time I am going to give you guys a blog post. Since my last blog post, a lot has happened. If you want to find out what has happened then you better read today’s blog post. I am sure everyone has a lot of questions to ask me so feel free to ask me anything you want in the comment section below. BUT first, make sure you read my blog post.


You may ask if I am still living in England, the answer to that is. No, I am not I am now living in. France with my mum and Marlon (her boyfriend). I moved over to France in December and since then I have started a French school and had a very good Christmas.


Life in France is very different from life In England. For example, instead of having school from 9 till 3 (which doesn’t fit in with the average working day) we have school from 8 till 5. But we have a two-hour lunch (and lunches are very good, let me get to that) it is good because it splits up the day, you also get to get rid of your energy.


Well, you may be asking if the school is difficult; the answer is yes it is. It is because I don’t speak a lot of French even though I understand a fair amount it’s not enough to understand everything that happens. I am trying really hard to learn the language because not only will it help me in school but it opens a lot of doors in life when you are bilingual. My French teacher is really helping me and I’ve been told I will get there within a few months, so I am going to keep working hard.


We live in the region of Limousin in France, which is mainly engulfed by the Limousin National Park, which reminds me of the Lake District very hilly (which I found out on my bike) and very beautiful. We’re 40 minutes from Limoges (in the car) and 2 hours from Bordeaux (and 4 hours from Paris). So even though we are in the countryside we are not that far from a big city.


Anyway, we had a really good Christmas. We decided this year that we were all going to make each other gifts instead of buying them. I made transfer-printed t-shirts for everyone with there own personalized message. We had mum, Marlon, Iysha, Julien (Iysha’s boyfriend) and Alison (Iysha’s Mum). We all contributed with making the Christmas dinner and puddings (starters etc.) So we sat down at a rather late 4:00 and had a pomegranate, goat’s cheese and mint salad with some avocado as our starter. Then we had a massive Christmas buffet roast potatoes, beetroot, Yorkshire Puddings and lots more. But finally, you’re probably thinking because I am a vegetarian I only had a plate of vegetables but now we had a lovely Salmon Wellington. I also got a bike of my mum. Some clothes off my dad and lots more.


I want to say thank you to everyone who got me something.


I hope you guys have enjoyed today’s blog post. I am going to try and post once a week now! If you have enjoyed today’s post and you want to see more please like my post and if you are new give my blog a follow




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