Rochechouart and Some News


Rochechouart is the town that I am currently staying near and it has a very interesting history that dates back to over two million years ago. It is also very well known for its beautiful château which is the heart of tourism in Rochechouart. It is also a great representation of how beautiful French architecture is.

Meteor Crater with Current Day Map Overlay

Right so your probably all wondering why Rochechouart has a history that dates back to over two million years ago. It dates back that long ago because there was a meteorite that weighed over 6 million tonnes hit right bang on Rochechouart and it wiped out all living things (dinosaurs) in a 200km radius. This asteroid was one of the asteroids that caused the extinction of dinosaurs. You can kind of see where the asteroid hit by looking around from the lake. So you never know how deep that lake is. You can even see the asteroid in stones today. There is a big museum in the centre of Rochechouart containing lots of information about the asteroid and also big chunks of it.

The town is also very bustling for a town in south westerly France. The town holds a fête every summer. That runs through the whole of the city. It is a big meeting for the whole of the community and for all the families to get together. There are fête trucks flooding the streets with the colourful carnival trucks.
Rochechouart Château

The beautiful Château was made in the 13th century and was a home to 11 Viscounts in Rochechouart but there where two other viscounts before the later 11 but they lived on the same site but it was smaller and was later rebuilt in the 13th century.

So overall Rochechouart is a very exciting town indeed. I am excited to delve into all the interesting things to do there.

Some News

On the 5th of September I am going to be travelling back to my home town Heysham in England so I can start Year 8 at high school. I am excited to start Year 8 as I will not be a newbie in school anymore but also I kind of don’t want to start Year 8 because sometimes I get board of school. I am very excited to see everyone at home especially Vinnie (My Brother) and My Dad.


I am flying back with Iysha we are getting the train from Limoges to Bordeaux airport first and then we are catching a flight to London South End Airport the final flight to Manchester Airport then dads picking me up and taking me home. I am meant to be at school on the day I travel but the flight is double the price if I flew the day before.


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One thought on “Rochechouart and Some News

  1. A really informative Blog Caspar even though I was with you ,I have still learned a lot more about the Meteor,and the area, hank you keep it going


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