The Cuboctahedron

The Cuboctahedron

The Cuboctahedron is the most honest shape in the universe. The 12 centres of the 12 spheres, when joined, form this shape. Its 12 internal angles from the centre radianting outwars are at 60 degrees to one another. Not only are the 24 edges the same length, say 1 unit each, all the internal vectors radiating from the center are also 1 unit each, this is a very special qualtity no other shape has. The cuboctahedron is embeded in the octahedron; if you join the midpoints of the octahedron it creates the cuboctahedron! The octahedron has six square faces and 8 triangular faces.


Taking the 12 centers forms the Buckminster Fuller cuboctahedron. Compressing that alchemically forms all the 5 known platonic solids. In effect, this transformation is the key to understanding Shape Shifting. The cuboctahedron is also called the Vecror Equilibrium because of its high level of balance. We can keep packing more and more ‘casings’ of spheres around the cuboctahedron and arrive at more ‘magic numbers’ that begin to give us clues about bigger things. The 2nd layer of spheres in cuboctahedral formationis called 2f or 2 Frequency which consists of 42 spheres. The 3nd layer of spheres in cuboctahedral formationis called 3f or 3 Frequency which consists of 92 spheres. That creates a formation of cuboctahedral shells 1 – 12 – 42 – 92 – 162 – 252 etc. 

Visit to the Monastery

Today we went to visit a monastry and nunary about 20 minutes away from our campsite we had heard about it from the owner of the campsite we are staying on, she said that they did very good cheese but apart from that she didn’t say much else. So we decided to head over there for the morning service (even though we’re not catholic) so mum told me to copy what every one else was doing so my mind was set to do that. When we arrived everyone was pulling up with dresses on and suits and i had shorts and t-shirt on. So we walked into the cathedral and the man infront of me moved this bread into another basket so i copied him and then my mum said to me that means your doing the communion i was like oops, So near the end of the service i had to go up to the front and eat the bread, i was sure that they knew that i was a fake catholic.

The Cathedral looked fairly new as it was all white inside with new oak pues and white and blue stained glass windows so i new it had been made at least in this decade. So after the service everyone waited outside the gift shop and i wondered why but when i got in i realised this is where they sell the cheese! So i sped right to the cheese and grapped a block. It was 7 euro! Mum said we would get it any way. So when we got back we opened up the cheese and it was walnut cheese and it tasted really strongly of walnut it was a very wierd taste.

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