Archemedean Solids

Archimedean Solids

Archimedean solids are one of the 13 solids first discovered by Archimedes. They are the half regular convex polyhedra composed of regular polygons meeting in identical vertices, excluding the 5 Platonic solids (which are made up of only one type of polygon) and excluding the prisms and antiprisms. Identical vertices mean that each two vertices are symmetric to each other. The most commonly known of the 13 are the truncated tetrahedron, the cuboctahedron and the truncated icosidodecahedron.


The Archimedean solids take their name from Archimedes, who discussed them in a lost piece of work. All of the solids are created by merging at least 2 shapes and some of the Archimedean solids are made up of other Archimedean solids. Truncation involves cutting away of corners; to preserve symmetry, the cut is in a plane perpendicular to the line joining a corner to the center of the polyhedron (3D Shape) and is the same for all corners. The most complex of the Archimedean Solids is the truncated icosadodecahedron (great rhombicosidodecahedron) with 120 corners,180 edges and 62 faces which are made up of 30 squares, 20 regular hexagons, and 12 regular decagons.

Visiting the Property

Today we went to view a piece of land with a house, barn and garage on also including 2 acres of land. It was 2 hours away from our campsite but unfortunately the woman was unable to show us round the properties but she said we can drive there are selves and have a look at the land and the houses from the outside. We decided to go and view the property so we set off at 9:30 this morning,

So when we got there and started to look around the property looked a bit rundown but it looked liked it had lots of potential. There was absolutely tones of land there and about a quarter of the land had forest on it so it would be perfect for me to build my tree house on and also for my mum to start her retreat on.

So we are going to view it on Wednesday with some one to show us around the inside areas. It has boosted my mum’s confidence a bit as we have not had much luck recently.

Sorry about this blog post originally being on Facebook it was because the wi-fi was really bad.

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