The Dodecahedron and Rocamadour

The Dodecahedron

A dodecahedron (Greek δωδεκάεδρον) is a solid shape that has twelve surfaces. Each face is a pentagon which has five sides each. In total there are twenty vertices and thirty edges altogether. A dodecahedron which looks exactly the same from all faces and is the 4th Platonic Solids. There are also three regular star dodecahedron called a Small Stellated Dodecahedron, The Great Dodecahedron, Great Stellated Dodecahedron all of these have icosahedral symmetry. The Dodecahedron represents the element of earth. The Dodecahedron has been a massive talking point interest for at least 2000 years because it is one of the most powerful shapes and is believed to be the key to time travel.


Yesterday we visited one of the most famous sacred sites in the south-west of france and it is famed for its beautiful and powerful black madonna which is in the cathedral on the edge of the mountain.


It is a two-hour drive from where we are at our beautiful camp site and as you know from my last blog post Liam and Tariq came along with us so we had a crew of six people are main attraction of the site was the Black Madonna as you may know me and my mum have visited the so-called Dark Mark in many places across france. My mum had also visited before and told us how beautiful it was.

The Drive for me was quite relaxing as I was asleep for most of the time but from what i saw from when i was awake was that it was a very beautiful drive as it was going all through the mountains and the forests. As we started getting close you could start seeing the terrain getting more rugged and then suddenly we turned a corner there it was the beautiful city of rocamadour embedded in the rocks. You could’ also see its majestic cathedral lying at the top of the mountain like a swan sitting on the bank.

Rocamadore Location on Map

It was extremely busy though and full of tourists so as we reached the bottom of that very impressive mountain we got directed down into a car park and we parked up. We got out the car and started walking and climbing up the steps and the continuous 45 degree ramps. Finally when we reached the top the first thing you entered was like a tourist market full of clothing, sweets and restaurants with massive queue.

Then as we started to reach the end of this bustling market we reached this archway which captured the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the dense forestry and it looked like a world-class piece of artwork which was made even better by the fact it was real. then we walked through the arch way and reached a big set of steps which took us up to the cathedral and one other tourist containing loads of stuff which you really wanted to buy.

Then i just stopped for a minute and looked out onto this beautiful view and i though what a beautiful world we have and how we treat it is horrible just look at the beauty of the ocean which you can no longer see because of the rubbish lying on top of it. The beautiful fish, birds, mammals we have and we can’t sit and look at the because we’re either eating them or we are harming them with pollution.

We saw the cathedral with its beautiful blue, red and white stained glass windows containing Jesus and of course Mary and the Black Madonna. I sat down on a chair and looked around at the cathedral and thought how did they make this before the time of cranes and diggers etc. It is just incredible that they put this on the top of a mountain over 200 years ago.

Then we went into the room which held the Black Madonna or the Virgin Mary we sat down and I was observing all the things around the Black Madonna and there were Rubys, Emeralds and Lapiz Lazulis all embedded into her altar. I also thought about all the Kings, Nobles and Bishops that visited this beautiful statue of the mother and her child. She feels like an ancient mother who is protecting rocamadour and the rest of the area. She feels like she holds you and keeps you safe.

black madonna roccamadour

We sat in there for about 20 minutes and then we decided maybe we should head out and get some food and we did but i don’t want to talk about that as i know it wouldn’t be very interesting so anyway

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2 thoughts on “The Dodecahedron and Rocamadour

  1. Caspar I,m really pleased to see you also enjoy the beauty of this world, a lot of people look at scenery and surroundings and just see green trees and grass, you have wonderful gift to see beauty like that. I could see everything you described so perfectly it was like I was along side of you, loved your blog keep them coming , Love you .xxx


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