The Five Platonic Solids (Octahedron) and Last Nights Storm!

Over the next 4 blog posts i am going to be writing about the five platonic solids; one of the main subjects we learned about in Chartres. I have already written about the Tetrahedron before on my blog, which is the first of the 5 PLAtonic solids so i would recommend you read that then come back to this post (Tetrahedron Post)

The Octahedron

a2_octahedronAn octahedron is a polyhedron (a 3D shape) with eight sides, which are all equilateral triangles, four of which meet at each corner. It has 12 edges and 6 corners. It is one of the 5 Platonic solids. Simply put, this is two rectangular pyramids put together. A rectangular pyramid is a pyramid with the base of a square or rectangle. In other words, this is just a pyramid that, when flipped to stand on its point (like a spinning top) it has a rectangular from a bird’s eye view. The octahedron represents the element of air. As the octahedron is composed of 8 equilateral triangles every triangle contains 3 corners of 60 degrees which means each triangle has a total of 180 degrees and 180 x 8 = 1440 degrees.

There are many things that take the shape of an octahedron including Diamond, Alum and fluorite crystals. An octahedron can also be recognised as two square based pyramids merged together to form one. When we say “octahedron” we often mean “regular octahedron”  which means all faces are the same and the shape is the same, but it doesn’t have to be – an irregular octahedron is still an octahedron, even though all faces are not the same.

The Storm Last Night

Since i have been in the south of france it has been reaching 37 degrees celsius every day which is really hot! But last night these temperatures where broken by the storm that came through the Dordogne region of france last night. We had heard about the facts that it was coming so we prepared by pegging down our awning properly and also by bringing all our stuff inside.

The storm hit at 1 o’clock last night, it was really i was sat in my bed looking out of the window on the roof watching the lightning flash through the sky lightning struck about every 2 seconds. The storm kept dying down and then coming bad again and the thunder sounded like AA guns shooting into the air. It kept me awake all night.

So for the rest of the week it is meant to be in the mid twenties a little break for us!


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5 thoughts on “The Five Platonic Solids (Octahedron) and Last Nights Storm!

  1. I Hope you liked watching the storm from the comfort of your bed and not with your Mum and Marlon under the Table,as you cannot see much from there, Scotland has seen a really long spell without rain ,grass everywhere was turning brown, then when the Rain did come it came in torrents, the river Cree and its attribute the Penkiln Burn was down to a trickle with Salmon stuck in the estuary waiting for the rain to fill the river ,Thankfully it has now filled the rivers and Burns so fish are moving upstream to Breed, keep up the informative blogs ,I enjoy them,


  2. Very interesting blog Caspar. Glad you are all safe and sound, we have seen terrible reports here on the news about the weather in France so it was good to hear how it affected you.
    Keep you blogs coming, I love reading them.
    Love you lots
    Aunty Chelle


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