I’m In France

Hi guys welcome back to a brand new long a waited blog post today i am going to be talking about quite a few things including how i did in my sports day and also about where i am now . I also have a question for you guys fo you want my blog posts back and how many 2 a week ?

I know it has been a year since i stopped doing daily blog posts and i took a break. But what would you guys say if i came back doing daily blog posts again over the next few days you will see a few blog posts being posted i will try posting every other day this week so make sure you check out my Facebook page for updates (Caspar’s Blog)

Where i am Now

It is currently my summer holidays so i am in france with my mum we are staying in our caravan! Chartes in the north of france which is about 100 km from Paris, if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that we have visited before. Anyway tomorrow we are moving down to the south of france; to an area called the Dordogne (region). We have booked a beautiful campsite which has a fishing lake, a swimming pool, a river and also only 6-8 caravan spaces so it will be lovely and quiet. I will keep you updated on how my time is there!

My Birthday

On the 26th of July it was my 12th birthday and i had a lovely day i was in England with my dad and my brother on the day. First we went to the beach and i played cricket with some of my friends and then we went out to a local curry place called Bombay Balti and we had a lovely curry!

Then on the 28th of July i had my birthday with my mum and she picked me up from the airport after my flight (I will talk to you about that in a bit) and she handed me a bag of presents and inside there was ….. a golden football, some bubble gum and then there was some ……..fishing wire ……. some fishing hooks and then i was like i’ve got it a fishing rod! Marlon had very kindly bought me a fishing rod the next day in Chartes we went to the river and went for a fish we haven’t caught anything yet but hopefully at that fishing lake and the river!

Chartes Geometrica

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will remember when i went to Chartes last year i went to do a course on Mathematica and this year i went back and did the 6th liberal art Geometrica over my next few blog posts i am going to be featuring a lot of the things i have learned there. So make sure you are saying updated with my posts by following my blog to get updates on my posts and also follow my Facebook page (Caspar’s Blog)

What i am doing while i am here

Every time i go somewhere interesting i will write a blog post on it for example we are planning on a trip to St Emillions Cave and Cathedral about 35 mins away from our campsite. Its sounds like it will be a very interesting visit. There is also a very famous place called Rocamadore about 2 hours from our campsite which is a whole town built into a cliff with a huge cathedral so i am so so excited to visit it.

I hope you guys have enjoyed todays blog post and if you have don’t forget to smash that like button and also if this is the first time you have seen my writing on your screen dont forget to follow my blog to also stay updated on when i post.

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