Special Announcement and Mercury

Hi Guys!


How are you today I hope you are having an absolutely fabulous day and today I am going to be writing about my 15 week old baby brother. I have not told you about him yet and I am going to today. I hope you enjoy this blog post and if you do please don’t forget to smash that like button and if this is the first time you have seen my writing on your screen don’t forget to follow!


My new baby brother is called Vinny Luca Drummond and he is so cute! I will be updating you on him regularly and here are some pics…


vinny 1

vinny 2.jpg

I thought this would be a short blog post today if I didn’t give you some information so I am going to write about Mercury as we have been learning about it in Physics.

The surface of Mercury is very similar to our moon. It has a very barren, rocky surface covered with many craters. Being so close to the Sun, the daytime temperature on Mercury is scorching – reaching over 400 Degrees Celsius – which is more than impossible to live on. At night however, without an atmosphere to hold the heat in, the temperatures plummet, dropping to -180 Degrees Celsius – so its like England sunny minute freezing the next. Mercury has a very low surface gravity; which means we could fly around for ages! Mercury has no atmosphere which means there is no wind or weather to speak of. There is also no water on the surface of Mercury, it is possible however that there could be water underneath the surface. Likewise, there is no air on the surface but it could be trapped underneath.

I hope you have enjoyed todays post I hope you have a fabulous weekend dont forget to smash that like button


2 thoughts on “Special Announcement and Mercury

  1. Hi Spider as always I enjoyed your blog and was pleased to see photos of your New Brother Vinny, I hope you and he will be very close, keep up the great work.


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