An Update !

Hi Guys

Im back and today i’m going to be writing about where i am right now and why I have not been posting and my new schedule. I am so excited about this post and i hope your are as well.

Lets start with where i am …. at the moment i am in Morecambe,England living with my dad! I know its a bit of a change from what it used to be like but it is what it is. I have started going to a public school which is call QES and i am enjoying it there and i have many lovely friends.

Lets also start with why i have not been posting and that is because i have been i England and i thought it wouldn’t really be very interesting so i don’t know whether i should post weekly or just not post at all it is up to you guys!

Summary of what’s Going on at the Moment

Coming up at the moment is the half term and i am really looking forward to it because if you guys didnt know my mum travels the world and i have not seen her for about 2 months so i am really really really! excited to see her and i am sure we are going to have a lovely time together. I don’t know how i cope not being around her; when i am not with her it makes me upset :(.

I am really looking forward to that but i am also looking forward to seeing Iysha on tuesday as well ! It is her birthday today and we should all send her birthday wishes because she is a very kind, friendy, funny and happy person!

I have found it quite easy to settle back into England but however it is still hard because i really miss my mum and it just feels all dark and gloomy here. Its always raining, its always dark, its always cold. Its horrible.

I have also entered a photography competition in school so over the half term i am going to be looking for some lovely pictures some of them might even find themselves on this blog!

Thank you so much guys for reading and if you did enjoy this post smash that like button and if this is the first time my website has been on your computer please smash that follow button as well


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