My Opinion on Chartres!

As I have done this when I have been in many countries before I thought It would be amazing to do a pros and cons of Chartres as well as all the other places I have done it on. So I hope you enjoy today’s blog post and if you do don’t forget to smash that like button and follow if you are new around here.



There aren’t many cons Chartres but I can think of a couple. The festival; the Chartres festival is a big event this year and it is held outside the Chartres Cathedral. It is mainly rock music? Rock music and Cathedrals do not mix! I am even surprised that the Catholics allowed that to happen I certainly wouldn’t!

The Homeless Alcoholics; they don’t cause any trouble it is just me worrying about them. The Chartres Council will have loads of money and what will they do with it spend it on unnecessary things instead of helping the men and the women on the streets drinking! I am not saying that it is not their fault that they are on the streets obviously they have some parts to own. At least give them a bit of a hand (rehab for example).

The third thing is the police; In France, the police are very mean for example I can tell you a story of one man that had a dealing with the police.

‘He was driving down the road and then a police officer pulled him over for a check. The man said

“Is it because I am Black?” The police officer started to shout abuse to his sister and then head butted the man and started to truncheon him. The man threw one punch to defend himself and he was taken to court; he now has a tag on his leg.’ This is a story that shows the police in France they are also very military like. These are the only cons of Chartres in my opinion but yours may be different.



There are loads of pros in Chartres and I am just going to through a few of them. The Cathedral; it is definitely one of the best things in the whole of Chartres because of how majestic it is. As I have been in many times I would say that my favourite bit is the Jesus statue and then the Black Madonna in the Crypt (Underground Chamber) There is just something about that Cathedral that is truly extraordinary. Many people just walk in there and don’t acknowledge that it was built before cranes and diggers and things like that. The Chartres Cathedral is better than any other Pagoda or Temple I have been to on my Travels.

Another Pro is the food; the food in Chartres is amazing, especially the bread and cheese, even though it isn’t curry and noodles or anything like that it is still good. You can get amazingly fresh vegetables and cheese. France is a place to cook yourself because with all the French Flavours you can make amazing dishes. The best sandwich ever (not literally) is here in the Café de Serpent, it is Camembert with an amazing French baguette.

Last but not least; the people. The people in Chartres are really nice and caring. For example, one day I was walking down the street with a rubbish bag and a man said

“Let me give you a hand.” It was really nice and also surprised me. All the locals do is help each other a saw a man fall over and a woman pick him up and ask if he was ok. This is a surprise for me because normally when I am in Europe people aren’t as nice as they are in Asia but it proved me wrong here.

That’s is all the pros and I could have gone on for years!


I hope you guys have all enjoyed today’s post and if you have don’t forget to smash that like button and follow if this is the first time you have seen my ugly blog posts.
That is all folks!

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