Sacred Numbers Day 2

Yesterday I did a blog post on my experience of the Sacred Numbers retreat and you guys loved it so I thought why don’t I do one again so that is what I am doing now. I hope you enjoy and if you do don’t forget to like the post and also follow my blog.

Lesson 1- Sacred Movement -7:00 un till 7:30
In the morning we were told that we would have sacred movement with Banafsheh (Ban-af-shey) and I was really excited even though I don’t really like dancing. So I woke up at 6:30, I was very tired, I got my adidas shorts on and a vest and started to wander down the stairs to the floor below. I arrive just ontime and we started.
It started off with shaking the arms and stretching so you wouldn’t pull a muscle. Then we started to step up and down and also lift up our heels one by one.
This was basically the first lesson and she said
“This is our warm up it will be more lively tomorrow!” We believed her and collected our stuff and started to walk down the corridor

We continued to walk down the corridor un till we got to the stairs and then we walked up to our room.
We arrived up the stairs and walked into our room we put our stuff down and then walked down the stairs again and then another set to get to the breakfast room.
We entered and there was a buffet with fruit and pan aux chocolat etc. We got a plate and started to get our food I got a bit of bread and a pan aux chcoclat. The an egg and some fruit. We got a seat and then I saw Caroline Myss in the corner and I was like ‘That’s Caroline Myss!’ It was just me my mum and Faranak at breakfast and I really enjoyed it.

Lesson 2- Dream Work- Apila- 7:45 to 8:45
Next lesson was optional to go to but we decided to. It was in the same room that we had dance in earlier this morning. We entered a bit late and we sat down there were two people drawing on separate pieces of paper and I realised that they were drawing the dreams and I thought
“Oooh Cool! “Me and my mum didn’t have a dream to share though so we just listened to other peoples dreams and they were sooo interesting ; day 1’s keywords were:
12 Polar Bears
Jelly Fish and Peony
North Star
The Man with Gears in His Head
Qi gong in the Garden of Eden
So then It came to the end and Timotey (Tim-o-tey) started to play this instrument that made a beautiful sound. He played it for a few minutes and then everyone rose. We left.

Lesson 3- Jim Garrison- Introduction to Pythagoras – 9:30 till 10:00
Jim started off with the question of the week and explained in every lesson we are going to cover something to do with this question and by the end of the week you should know the answer. The question was; does truth have to be embodied to be true and It was a really good point.
Next Jim started to talk about who Pythagoras was and he said that he was a Greek Philosopher who was so clever that he went on a search around the world to be taught things but he eventually got to smart for people. He lived in around the same time era and Buddha so ancient Greece. I could go on for ever about Pythagoras and what Jim said about him but I am trying not to tell you guys too much.
Next he started talking about Perbas and how shamans used them to direct their intentions to a certain thing. He also explained that there was a man called Calen ( who had over five hundred perbas that were sent to him. The one that Jim showed was one out of three of the female perbas on the planet!
That was Jims talk summarised and I found It so so interesting and I was really great full that I was on the retreat

Lesson 4- Karen Rivers- Arithmetica the Seven Liberal Arts
Karen’s lesson was about the seven Liberal arts and she said they were the seven things that the universe was based on. The seven liberal arts are:
Dialectic (logic)
She said that they are represented by seven small virgins that sat in a chariot and pulled along by five horses which represented the things on the planet:
The seven liberal arts paid an important part in the way that the universe works today. Karen also noted that The Tykratis represents god because it adds up to 10 and ten means god and one. A powerful quote that she said was
‘Bees love their queen so much they dedicate their life to her.”
Karen’s speech was amazing it was inspirational and really got me ready for what was to come

Lesson 5- Jain 108- Cosmo Genesis- 11:30 till 1:00
Now it was Jains turn and we were ready to be frazzled. He started off with talking about the tetrahedron and about the fact that when you are born you are a tetrahedral just in circle form. At the start of time one became two and two became three so on; that is the Fibonacci sequence and don’t forget the numbers do not split the create a new one.
Next he started to talk about how the Merkabah and how it represents the human this is because Mer means counter rotating field. Ka mean spirit body and Bah means physical body. This is truly intriging and something I definitely didn’t know.
He suddenly started explaining how you can time travel with sacred geometry. He said that if you spin a certain shape around and around that it would create a wormhole and you could travel time!
Jains Lesson was amazing and I was so so ready for his lesson tomorrow!

Lesson 6- Jain 108 Banafsheh- 3:00 till 4:30
This was the final lesson of the day and It was with Banafsheh and we were doing some dancing which related with Jains work. We entered and did our stretched and started to move our arms as if we were swimming and started to lidt our heels matching the arm that was going up! It was cool and then suddenly we made a dance out of it.
After about half an hour of doing them dancing moves we were told to lye down and she started talking and I fell asleep I woke up about an hour later and people were moving It was the end of the final lesson and I really enjoyed it.

I had really enjoyed the day and I was excited for tomorrows lessons.

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