Sacred Numbers Day 1

Over the last week or so I have been doing the Sacred Numbers retreat which was hosted and taught by:

Andrew Harvey

Caroline Myss

Calen Rayne

Jim Garrison

Bob Meyler

Jain 108


It was such a good retreat I would really recommend you going. Anyway today I am going to be talking about the retreat and how it was and also my favourite lessons/teachers. If you want to find out how we got to France, it was very event full, then check out it also includes information about the Eiffel Tower (I went there).

So the first day was very laid back compared to the others because we had one lecture and an opening ceremony. The first lecture was underway and it was about what is going to happen during this retreat (Held by Jim Garrison). He said something along the lines of this.

“Welcome to Chârtres Everybody this is the ninth anniversary of the Chârtres retreat and this years theme is ‘Arithmetica’ one of the Seven liberal arts. You are going to learn about alternative ways to learn maths like Geometry, Pi, Magic Squares etc.” I could write about 18 paragraphs about what he said so I will stop there but yeah he said that near the start. He also started to talk about the teachers and how skilled they were and especially Jain 108.

When Jain was around 35 (He is now 60 – his website- he was the worlds 2nd best mathematician and all of his mates, who were the 3rd 4th and so on best, were offered a job for NASA and Jain put it down and decided to go round the world and teach kids sacred geometry and PI/PHI.

Next we were told to meet in the little garden which was a floor above and down the corridor so we started to walk down and I felt really happy that I was there and doing the course. We met in the little garden and where told to move round the plant in the middle anti-clockwise so we did that we were near the back of the que. The women started to come round with oil and started to draw crosses on people’s forehead. She came round to me and when she did it to me I loved it! It felt as If she was welcoming me in.

That was the end of the first day for the retreat and we had a full day left so we decided to have a wander round town and get some food. So we left the hotel and went to see the massive cathedral! We went inside and it was as if it was out of a dream. We where sat in there for a while and we prayed. Then we decided to go to this café called le café de serpente and there was a camembert and I decided to pick that it came and it was camembert on a French stick it was sooo good.

We decided to head back to the hotel… we got back I took my clothes off and got in bed and poof I was asleep.

Read tomorrows blog post to find out what happened the day after!

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