Today I am going to be talking about the man,the myth, the legend…Bigfoot a monkey man as some people call it. Bigfoot is one of the world biggest mysteries and scientists predict that he is out there somewhere! There has been many sightings across the world of Bigfoot but the most evidential sightings are in the Pacific Northwest (there are a lot there too!). People say there is no proof that they are on this planet until one is captures and this is true. There is also a lot of evidence to say they do exist but not a lot to show that they don’t. I am now going to tell you some information I have gathered of what he would look like and facts!

Bigfoot is usually a tall, hairy, ape-like biped being that likes to reside away from folks in wooded regions or mountains. There have already been Bigfoot sightings for hundreds of years. But, in 1967, two males named Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin captured a girl Bigfoot on video and progressively more men and women have had sightings of their own. The name Bigfoot came from a bulldozer operator named Jerry Crew in 1958. When he identified a big footprint on his building site, he known as it, “the tracks of old Bigfoot.” Sasquatch will be the name Native Americans gave Bigfoot and it truly is what they call Bigfoot in Canada. In other countries like Nepal and Tibet, they call him Yeti or The Abominable Snowman. The names are various but they are the identical sort of creature. Bigfoot is an omnivore. This usually means he eats each plants and animals. Researchers say Bigfoot eats nuts, berries, fish and deer. Bigfoot can be anywhere between 6-10 feet tall (that is really big!). Bigfoot is also very heavy as he weighs as much as 500 pounds! A Bigfoot is shy. He likes to reside with other individuals of his own type but doesn’t like getting close to people today. He does not prefer to have his picture taken so it is tough to obtain him on film. Bigfoot talks to each other by creating loud calls across prolonged distances. No, Bigfoot does not try to hurt individuals on objective. From time to time although, when people today accidentally wander into his territory, he’s been acknowledged to throw rocks at them to frighten them away. Bigfoot is not trying to be mean. He’s just attempting to guard his residence and family members.

Now I am going to share a Bigfoot sighting story from 1941 with you I hope you enjoy!


Jeannie Chapman was startled one afternoon in September 1941 when her young son came home terrified, claiming to have seen a “cow” coming out of the woods next to the house. Perplexed as to why a cow would have her child so scared Jeannie walked onto her porch where she saw a very large, dark shape moving through the underbrush. Thinking it was a bear Jeannie called her other two children inside, but, after realising it had been spotted, the creature raised up to its full height and stared straight at the shocked family. Jeannie realised that this was no bear. Instead, she described it as a “giant man, covered in dark brown hair”. The huge beast began to head straight for Jeannie and the kids.

Jeannie quickly took her children and fled to the nearby town, where she took refuge with friends, there she exclaimed that her husband, George would soon arrive home from work, and the creature may be waiting for him. Luckily, by the time George did get home the Bigfoot was long gone, but his home had been ransacked, his front door caved inwards, and a 55-gallon barrel of dried fish had been smashed open, and its contents were eaten.

After reuniting with his family George gathered a group of men with guns and dogs to wait in his house the next night to see if the creature would return, and while at one point in the night the dogs went berserk nobody ever spotted the creature, only it’s huge footprints in the dirt the next morning. The Chapmans, no longer feeling safe in their own home moved away from Ruby Creek the following summer.

But, this is not where the story ends, some Native American traditions state that to see a Bigfoot is a bad omen and those who encounter one will die soon. The Chapman’s youngest daughter died of an illness just the following year, and their two sons, as well as Jeannie and George, were all drowned when their canoe capsized, every member of the Chapman family was dead just three years after their Bigfoot encounter.

This is truly a remarkable story of a Bigfoot sighting. As you know from the earlier paragraph Bigfoot will not attack unless they are on his patch. So they must have built a house on his territory, which was a bad decision!

In my own opinion I think Bigfoot is real; what about you leave it in the comment section down below.

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