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Hey Guys I have recently made a trailer for my blog it was made all by myself and I am really proud of it. You can check it out on my youtube below. Don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoy it and subscribe if it is the first time you have seen one of my videos and make sure you check out the others!
Blog Trailer

Our New Home

Today we have moved into our new hotel and it is really nice I am really happy that we have moved here! Unlike the other places we have been to this place has wi-fi in the rooms so that means I don’t have to go down stairs to post my blog post which is great! We are also really happy with the location as well even though we are in the midst of a city it is still nice. We are in china town where there are many chinese herbalists and also eateries. The river is also only a four-minute walk down the road. There are many shops near by and even a pizza hut (Yes!). We are so happy with the location; one thing we would ask for is some water we don’t have the sea or even a pool and it gets really hot here! Over all we are really happy with where we are staying. You may be asking why today there is not no part 2 of the top 5 places I have ever visited and that is because I did not hit three likes if I do this post then it will definitely be up tomorrow!

How I am feeling

Today I am feeling great this is because of the fact that the place we have booked is Epic that wasn’t the story this morning though. We got up and then we started packing as you do when you move to a new hotel. But we needed a taxi so we asked a tour guide to sort us one out we told him were we were going and he said

“I do not recommend going there I recommend jewels of Borneo!” We panicked and rushed down stairs with my mum’s computer and she canceled the stay at the place and then she was looking for other hotels and then we picked up jewels of borneo for £6 a night and it is definitely worth it.

We are here now and we have four beds! We us one for chilling out on and then one for sleeping on; a good system if you ask me!

I have been feeling very lucky to be able to stay in hotels across the world and to be able to have enough food and water. Not all people have this privilege. Some people are rich and some people are poor it is not the way the world should be all people should have the money that they need not too much and not too little.

I am also feeling happy that I get to travel the world and all the amazing things I am seeing and I will continue to see. I am also happy that I get to visit my dad because I really miss both of my parents when I am away from them as they miss me when I am away from them. Sometimes I feel like a want to cut myself into two and live at both places but unfortunately there is only one of me.

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