My top 5 Places I have Been too (Part 1)

Today I am going to tell you what my top 5 countries I have been to and also why. I really hope you enjoy!

New Zealand.

New Zealand is amazing! It is my favourite place I have ever been to! This is because of the people, the terrain and also the temperature. Lets start of with the people; I was in New Zealand for a month with my mum and by the first week I had made friends! We were all into scootering and tricks and they let me play out with them. Even though they hardly knew me; every night since I met them I would play out from 3 to 8 pm. I had so much fun their (with my friends). The terrain is also incredible. Every corner you turn you jaw drops to the flaw; the luscious green mountains and the vivid blue rivers If you are a trekker or a mountain lover this is a place to visit! Especially the coromandel peninsular if you love luscious land! In New Zealand they have proper seasons! Unlike England it is not raining all the time! In Summer it tends to get to 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit)! In spring it is a perfect 20-29 degrees Celsius (68-84 Fahrenheit). In Autumn a good 18-28 Degrees Celsius (64-82 Fahrenheit). In winter 17-24 degrees Celsius (62-75 Fahrenheit). These are really good temperatures; and it only rains on the south island but rarely on the North. Overall if you ever get the chance to go to then New Zealand then I beg you too it will be a trip you may never forget (for Good Reasons).  


Malaysia is my second favourite place I have been to and this is because of its rich culture, wildlife and rainforests. First I am going to start with the culture; it is very rich there are three main races in Malaysia and they are the Malays, Chinese and Indian. They all do not like each other when they cross paths they do not smile just carry on. The Malays influence the culture the most though with the country being mainly Muslim but with a small percentage of Christians and also Hindus. A place in Malaysia to visit if you are into culture is Batu Caves it has one of the biggest statues of Shiva in the world and it is covered in gold! The Wildlife in Malaysia is very varied. From Hornbills on the island of Borneo to Eagles in Kuala Lumpur. There are plenty animals to keep you intrigued. Did you Know malaysia contains 20% of the world species of animals. A great place to go animal Hunting. The Rainforests are everywhere in Malaysia it is full with dense forests containing large amounts of animals. They are truly magical the rays of the sun trickling through the trees is truly breath-taking. Overall Definitely Visit Malaysia!

This was really fun to write about I will do the next three places if I get 3 likes on this post and if I do then that will be up tomorrow so make sure you smash that like button. And follow my blog and it would really mean a lot to me.

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