Koh Samui Poster

Today as we are in koh samui I have decided to do a poser on koh samui. Also I am going to talk about us travelling to Borneo



Koh Samui Poster



I am really excited to be flying to Borneo. I feel that I am ready to leave and it is time for a new adventure. As I have said in previous posts Koh Samui has been a pretty laid back time for us. When we get to borneo we have decided that we are going to be a bit more adventurous. At the first hotel, which we are staying in for a week, there is a pool and water slides so we will probably be hanging around the hotel for the week. After that we are going to be staying at a cube place so we will not be hanging around we will be going on jungle walks and maybe even snorkelling so the posts maybe more entertaining for you guys. I am feeling dead excited as today is our last full day in Koh Samui so I am a bit sad but ready to move on. Tomorrow we will pack and have a sun bathe and I will also write my post. I will not miss a blog post while I am travelling I have got one scheduled. Yes I have written two today!

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