Crystals & Flying to _____

Today I am going to be writing about crystals. The reason that I am doing this is that I am qualified in crystal healing and I have loads of information on them for you so I thought why not share it. I really enjoy using crystals and they can be used for so many different things. I am going to tell you about how they are made and what to use them for and then tomorrow or the day after I am going to write another post linking to this. I am also going to write about the fact that we have finally booked our flights to get out of Thailand stay to the end to find out where we are flying too. I hop you enjoy todays post




How are they made?

Crystals are made under the crust of the earth; where there are trillions of magma channels. Crystals can also be formed in volcanoes. Crystals are built up from tiny little atoms, molecules and ions; for this process to happen there has to be a certain place. This place is where there is lava and also where it is very hot. If you think of it, it’s almost like blowing glass high temperatures so it can bend.
After the process that takes millions of years it is time for the crystal to make its way up to the top this process takes even longer than the making of the crystal. There are two main ways that a crystal can make its way to the surface; I will list them now:


  • Volcano, as I said before crystals can grow in volcano’s and when one erupts they can be blasted into the air and then land on the ground for us to discover. Years later!


  • Rising, the volcano way only takes a few seconds to happen once it erupts but this way takes millions of years. Over time the crystal is pushed upwards towards the crust. After it reaches the crust the crystal sits and waits for the earth to change and for it to finally reach the outside of the planet!


Finally once it has reached the top taking the way of either one of them above. It wall sit and wait until it has been discovered by one of us humans after several million years it has finally finished the journey


What to Use them for

You can use crystals for many things and even some really wacky things I am going to list them with a bit of information.


  • Healing, you can heal with crystals yes not physically but energetically you can heal trauma and wounds. There are many Crystal Healers across the world; this is what I am qualified in and it is a really interesting subject. During a healing a crystal will be placed on your body and the energy of the crystals, that is created during building the crystals, will heal you not fully but it will take a load off


  • Potion, yes you can make potions with crystals that you can drink and supposedly it can heal you not fully but partially. There is only one problem with people that try this and are not trained in it and that is poisoning some crystals can be poisonous to put in the body that is why you should always check on a website if it is poisonous or not. To make these all you have to do is place them in a bottle of water and leave them overnight so the energy can enter the water.


  • Collecting, this is a less productive way to use crystals but a thing that anyone can do. This is a really fun way to use crystals and this is what I started to do when I found my interest in crystals. You can buy crystals on amazon and ebay or websites like that and you can also pick them up really cheap online. You can also go to a crystal shop and buy some crystals this is personally what I did. When you buy a crystal you should always cleanse them using water or sound. You can get a singing bowl and place you crystals I it and then ding it and then you can also put them under cold running water. It is really important that you clean them so they can become your pet!


I hope you have learnt some stuff from this it is all from my own knowledge and I have worked hard to learn this I hope you enjoyed it!


Flying to ______

Today we have booked our flights to Borneo and we are really happy my mum has always wanted to go there and we finally are. We were thinking of going Cambodia but the flights where soooo expensive so we decided to look for somewhere else and then we found Borneo. We are flying to Malaysia first and then Borneo. We have booked really cool accommodation that I am really excited about. There is a pool and even waterslides I am so excited to try it out. Lately I have been feeling like I am in a void. Now we have booked the flights I feel much better. My mum and me felt like we were stuck because we were waiting for the right flight. The hotel is on the beach and also near the rainforest amazing! I am so excited.

I hope you guys enjoyed to days post!


Over & Out

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