Home Schooling & Happiness

Today I am going to write about my home schooling experience and also about my happiness I hope you enjoy!


Home Schooling

As you probably all know I am Home Schooled by my mum who used to be a secondary teacher and English consultant. I think it is time to tell you about my lucky experience.

Home Schooling

One of my favorite things that I do is Mathletics, which is an online math program where you can raise money and do math. For every question answered correctly you are gifted a UNICEF point and for every 250,000 UNICEF points, you raise one dollar to go towards providing clean water and education; for children across Africa. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I had raised $37,000 for UNICEF and I felt really proud of myself. There is also a feature called live Mathletics where you can race against the clock answering math questions against kids all over the world. There are loads of activities you can do on there for all different math subjects. You can start a free trial for 30 days and after that you have to pay but it is totally worth every single penny. If you are a kid out there and want to do some fun math and also raise money for a good cause then I would definitely recommend checking out the website.


My other favorite thing to do is write on my blog I love everything about it. I really like writing my blog and also I look forward to write it, every day and I hope you enjoy reading it. I always share my blog so I can spread my great content and inspire you guys to write as well. I am really happy to hear that people are learning a lot from my posts this motivates me to wright more posts. I have been posting daily content on my blog for nearly 3 months now and I enjoy writing my blog every day. I have set a task for my self to hit 20 followers before my birthday (26th July) so if you already haven’t please follow my blog by clicking the button on the right.


I would not be able to make my blog as good as it is if I was in school and when I write my blog every day I learn something new. I learn so much every day off writing my posts on information. I would not be learning this much if I was in school. It’s not just writing my blog that makes me learn every day when I walk on the street I learn something new, about different cultures and how they act. Every new country I enter I learn hundreds of things about what the buildings are like, what the people are like and what are the landmarks are about. I have had many people come up to my mum and me (including the education officer) and say.

“Your boy is very lucky and he will learn much more than being in a public school.”

I have now realized that. Normally in school I would meet people who are pretty much the same as me because nearly all of them are from the same country as me. When I am travelling around the vast world I meet kids and they teach me their language and tell me what it is like in their country and that is a lot more interesting. I am not saying that I don’t like my friends in England but I can learn much more off kids from different countries.


I also have the opportunity to research something and write about whatever I want and I am really gratefully and happy about that. I also learn many other subjects of the BBC Bitesize KS3 page.


Another thing that I use is Duolingo which is a website and also an app that you can learn tones of languages from. En este momento estoy aprendiendo español en su y realmente disfrutando (Translation: At the moment I am learning Spanish on there and really enjoying it). There is even the language out of star treck on their which is so cool. This app and website is also free and is definitely a great way to learn a language I would definitely recommend checking it out.


Over the past few days I have felt over whelmed with happiness. This because of the fact that I have met some really nice German friends (Yes we visited them today) when I see them I always have so much fun and really enjoy my time. I am also feeling a bit of gratitude because of the fact that I can be home schooled and I am also feeling how much of privilege that is. I am extremely happy about the fact that I can visit my dad in August and spend some time with him. I am sure he is excited too! I am also realising that I will be eleven soon! It has come so fast it feels like I was nine yesterday but I guess I am never going back to single figures in this lifetime.



Todays Blog Post has probably been one of the most fun to write and also to read back on. I love expressing my adventures with you guys and I hope you like reading them too.

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Mathletics- http://www.mathletics.com

Duolingo- http://www.duolingo.com

BBC Bitesize KS3- http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/levels/z4kw2hv


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