Animals & New Friends!


Across the world animals are being killed every second and today I am going to tell you about this situation in my opinion.
I am a vegetarian because of how cruel people are to animals and also because of the health affects of eating meat. Animals are killed it is not any different to a human being killed. Slaughterhouses are one of the darkest things in the world. Especially slaughterers. Pigs are gassed everyday, cows throats are slit everyday and chickens are decapitated everyday. Whatever way you kill a animal it has the same affect. In Biology you will learn that when a human comes into fear ( or dies) adrenaline rushes through the body; this happens with any other animal but if it is an animal it poisons the meat. If you eat meat you are eating that! When a pig breathes in the gas the gas enters the body and poisons the meat. People say oh they kill dogs how could they? What is the difference between a dog dying and a cow dying? People also go on about how the Halal method is cruel not as cruel as we do it. In Halal they cut the throat of the animal and let it bleed to death and then they pray for it. I am not saying it is right but it is no different an animal still dyes. Farmers pump their cows with hormones and you are eating them hormones!


Animals & New FriendsYou might not want to give up meat because you may think there is nothing to eat but I am a vegetarian and I eat a lot. You just have to put in a bit more effort. Well you don’t even have to do that! Here is a great link for vegetarian food! Vegetables can be fun! 


I have not written this to annoy anyone this is just my opinion and you are entitled to your own opinion and I understand that I am just sharing my views.


Today I have met some German friends they are 6 and 9 and they like football like I do. The kids can’t speak a lot of English but their dad is really good. We played football and also played in the sea I had a lot of fun. I have organized meeting them tomorrow at the same spot to play again. I am really happy that I have met some nice friends. On the topic of Animals dying I am going to talk about what I have experienced with dogs dying here. All across this island there are many stray dogs but the island can get over run with them so the locals put out food with poison in and then the dogs eat it and die. This makes me really sad; there was a black dog on the beach the other day. A guy was next to it and said “I Have brought this dog down to this side of the beach where he will not get poisoned but the dogs are biting him.” This is very sad but we told them to keep here. This is because there is more chance of a dog being killed by poison than being killed by his own kind. The reason that the dogs are like that is they are very territorial and will attack if another dog enters its patch.

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