Human Geography – Crime

Classification of Crime

The Definition of crime is a action that is punishable by law and that is exactly what it is! Geography is important to crime because all crime has a place and time that it happens. In geography you will find out were is the most likely to have crime and also the crime patterns. A geologist will help make places more crime proof and also safer for the people. Crime figures are collected from the number of crime incidents reported to the police and from the British Crime Survey results. These systems of recording crimes are not completely reliable, though. Firstly, not every crime is reported to the police, so the figures given do not always show the complete picture. Secondly, the British Crime Survey interviews 50,000 people every year but interviewees could be as young as ten, so their accounts may lack detail. This is a list of the categories that crimes are put into.

  • crime against the person (with or without injury)
  • sexual offence
  • robberyrobber-clip-art-5-robber-clipart-350_289
  • burglary
  • offence against vehicles
  • other theft
  • fraud and forgery
  • criminal damage
  • drug offence
  • other

The highest reported crime in the UK last year was other offences and also violence against person.

Location of Crime

The location of crime is crucial and there are several things that may increase the chance of crime:

  • Largcrimee centre of population means there is a greater opportunity to commit a crime.
  • Good road and transport links allow criminals to move around more easily.
  • Public space where there is no sense of ownership. In a private space it is easy to spot who is out of place or not there for a valid reason.

For any criminal, they are more likely to commit a crime in an area:

  • where there are a lot of opportunities
  • where they can hide easily and get away quickly
  • which they know well

A crime hotspot has more crime than in a smaller area near by. If you think about it the more people the more crime. You can’t commit crime to no one!

If you look at the prison population through england and wales then you can see some trends:

  • men make up 95 per cent of those convicted of crime, and sentenced
  • men aged 20 or under make up approximately ten per cent of the prison population
  • over ten per cent of the UK prison population are foreign nationals
  • before being sent to prison, nearly three quarters of criminals were receiving financial help (benefits) from the government

Most people commit crime because of poverty so that is why nearly three quarters of criminals were on benefits before they were locked up.

How I feel

Today I am feeling how much I miss my dad and how much I love him. Me and my mum have decided that mum is going to drop me off in august to my dads so I can spend just time with him for a month. I am very happy that I get to visit him. I am also feeling a bit more in my body today the last couple days I have felt like I was flying away so that is good.

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2 thoughts on “Human Geography – Crime

  1. Thank you for this article. Many of us (me included) took geography for granted and never associate it with events that are happening now.


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