My Opinion on What is going on in the World & What We did Yesterday

In the world at the moment there is a lot of bombing going on by a group called ISIS and they are dark. The so called ‘Muslim Bombers’ aren’t real it isn’t the whole religion that are doing it; it is just that group of people! It is like me saying that christians are terrorists because they have bombed. It states in the Qur’an that any muslim who bloodsheds is not a real practitioner of islam and the same with buddhism. Just wait before you spread loads of hate on people that are in ISIS; think what you would do if you kids were  being gassed would you just sit back. They only know one way to show that they are unhappy and that is to cause bloodshed. I am not saying it is right to kill I am just trying to put you in your perspective. There can only be a war when two people fight; you cant have an argument with yourself ( well of course you can in your head but not physically). Let me say if john, terry, michael and jeff started bombing people and they were christians would you call all christians terrorists.

I am not writing this to annoy anyone I am just wanting to share my opinion and I hope you will share yours in the comment section! Please also email me if you feel offended in anyway. 🙂


Yesterday we decided to have a chill day because it was sunday. We normally get up and then go for a walk but today we decided not too. We got up and then we went for some breakfast and I chose my favourite scrambled eggs on toast it was lovely. After that we decided to have a hut day and do some stuff on our computers so I was seeing how my blog was doing and seeing if I could make it any better. Then we did some more stuff and there was a lot more stuff that we did. Mum did her work session with someone at 3:00 and at 6:00 so we were thinking we would go for food at seven. Mum had finished her work and we decided to go for food and I got egg fried rice with vegetables.

Over all it was a very relaxing day and I really enjoyed it.

I hope you enjoyed todays post share it if you did and also comment If you have any questions

Over & Out


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