The Digestive System

The Digestive System

What do we Use it for?

We use our digestive DIgestive systemsystem to swallow and also turn food into energy; it is a really important part of our body. When we put food into our mouths the food goes through the process of Digestion and then it is turned into energy and then we use that energy to walk, talk and run. If the digestive system wasn’t there then we would die of starvation even though we are putting food into our body. The digestive system is one of the largest parts of you whole body and uses seven internal organs to make it work; if one of them wasn’t there then it would not work. We also are using are digestive system for most of the day and night its a busy bee!

How does It Work?

The digestive system starts of when you put the food into your mouth. You will chew and the saliva will help break the food down. Once it has broke down your flexible tongueStomach.jpg will push it down the oesophagus where it travels to the stomach- in a pool of gastric acids- and it is broken down to a liquid so it can travel down the intestines. So its on its next adventure it travels down the small intestine and all the nutrients is pulled out of the food and then it enters the large intestine and it makes sure that everything has been taken out. Then the waste travels to the anus and plop it comes out in poo. That is just a quick idea of the how the digestive system works; if one of the steps was taken out the digestive system would not work normally.




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