Coconut! & Gratitude :)


Where do coconuts come from?

Coconuts come from palmcoconut-fb trees and they can be really helpful. They tend to grow on tropical islands or on desert islands. Inside the tropical fruit there is water (coconut water) and that comes from the rain. The coconut absorbs the rain and filters it and creates its own flavoured water. There is also a white fruit inside of a coconut which can be eaten and is very tasty and healthy indeed. For coconuts to grow they need to be in a well-lit spot; the temperature also needs to be 70 degrees F or higher. When coconuts drop of the tree they tend to be dead so to get a juice full coconut you have to climb the palm tree and collect it. Trick Business

How are Coconuts Helpful?

Coconuts are ranked one of the most helpful fruits on the planet; if you are stuck on a desert island you can easily survive on them for days on end. The juice of the coconuts contain many electrolytes and can be really healthy for you. The fruit is also high in Vitamin C so it is also really good for you. The tropical fruit can also prevent heart disease and tooth decay! It can also prevent strokes and brain disorders like Alzhiemers and Parkinsons. Coconuts can kill as well it isn’t anything to do with the fruit or juice it is to do with them falling from the tree! 150 people die from falling coconuts every year. Don’t be scared though it wont happen to you (I hope so ahhaah); did you know there is more chance of a coconut falling on your head than you getting attacked by a shark. Only five people die of shark attacks every year compared to the 150 of a coconut (killer!).

How I am Feeling

Over the last couple of wgratitude.pngeeks I have been feeling what I want to do and what I don’t like do I want to be travelling or not; I have been quite confused! I am also feeling very grateful for what I have and the fact that I have the opportunity to travel around the world. Some people dream to see the places that I am seeing so I am starting to feel what a lucky boy I truly am. Recently my blog has been going down hill and I am trying to get it to go back up again if any one has any suggestions please tell me!



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