My Opinion on Koh Samui

Today I am going to tell you guys what my opinion on koh samui is and if you guys enjoy this then I will start to do these every where I go.

Good Things

Koh Samui is a great Island for a family holiday because the sea is great and there are lots of family friendly resorts. There is a lot of restaurants and good food on the Island so a great place for a foodie like me :). There are loads of great water sports places and they look really fun! The food is cheap if you find a good and cheap restaurant. The Locals are really friendly and will always be happy to help. There are bits of the beach that are perfect for swimming and have crystal clear Beaches.

Bad Things

If you just want a quite get away I personally would not come here there are only a few quite bits and me and my mum are in one of them. You don’t see that many locals because the Island is over run by tourists. You can also find really expensive food and also people can try and rip you off. Some areas of the beaches are very rocky and also not very safe for kids. This might sound stupid but the palm trees are dangerous you need to watch out for coconuts dropping from the tree.

Overall I think that the island is amazing and a great place to visit. I have really enjoyed my time so far and if you get the chance to visit you should do. There are great places of the island and the place that I am is called Lamai Beach. We are in a beach hut and it is great very relaxing and a place where you can just go with the flow.


My School Work on Volcanoes

Volcanoes are another very dangerous natural disaster; every year since 1980 860 people die every year from a volcanic eruption.

When does a Volcano Erupt?

Volcanoes form wh5ee8cfc8f3dfa0ead40fe436cc6aa3cc91eaa588 2en magma (lava) reaches the surface of the earth. They occur at destructive and constructive plate boundaries; the immediate affects of volcanic eruptions can be really destructive but they can also be really beneficial in the long term. Volcanoes tend to be on coned mountains or hills; magma rises up through the cracks in the hill and then the pressure builds up and the top blows off and that is the eruption. In the end the lava from the eruption forms a new crust for the volcano and after many eruptions the volcano will become higher. In a volcano there is a main vent and also a secondary vent when the pressure of the magma builds up it will be forced to the main vent when it is going up it will be exiting the second vent first and then booooom it comes out of the main vent and that can cause maximum destruction.

What Can Volcanoes Do?

LavaVolcanoes can be one of the most fatal natural disaster in the whole of the world. The lava from the volcano can cause maximum destruction it can punch through towns and kill people in seconds. Volcanic eruptions can also cause earthquakes, fast flooding, mudslides and rock falls. It can also stop people from breathing because of the large amount of ash and smoke. Mount Pelèe is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and has been for the last 20,000 years many people live near the volcano in Italy and are in constant threat. They have to practice drills if the volcano erupts.

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