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What is an Earthquake?

An earthquake is a naturalEarthquake 1 disaster and it is a very destructive occurrence. They create almost a rumbling motion and kind of shake land side to side. Earthquakes do not just affect the land but can also create Tsunamis and that is why you are advised to go to high ground when a strong earthquake hits; many people are killed by earthquakes each year and that shows how fatal they are. One of the main places in the world to get hit by earthquakes is New Zealand (I will tell you why in the next paragraph).


How is an Earthquake Created?

An earthquake is created when two tectonic plates move n the opposite direction and they create an energy the energy will build up in the rocks below but then it is too much for them Earth Quake 2and it is released and it sends out shockwaves which crates the shaking movement of a earthquake. If you are near the epicenter (were the shockwaves are released) then you are going to get a real shake. Where the epicenter is below that in the crust there is a focus point, which is were the energy is released from. Earthquakes can also only be light and create little shockwaves. For example New Zealand is a main place for earthquakes and this is because they are placed in the middle of the Indo-Australian and Pacific tectonic plates; New Zealand is also placed on the Pacific Basin Ring of Fire, where many earthquakes and volcanoes occur. As a result in some places in New Zealand you cannot build.


Overall earthquakes are very dangerous things and can also create more natural disasters to set off so they can cause ultimate destruction. That is why every year nearly 10,000 people die of earthquakes don’t mess with mother nature!



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