Koh Samui

We have been in Koh Samui for about seven days now so I thought why don’t I tell you about it.

Koh Samui is a Thai Island and is mainly visited by tourists. While we have been here we have definitely noticed that; we were staying in an apartment with the beach across the road and we liked it there. There was a shiny TV, a wooden desk, a tile bathroom and also a balcony; there was also a big bed which was all soft and comfy.  We had originally booked it for two weeks but we decided it would be nice to get a beach hut so we shortened it to seven days. So a couple of days ago we also booked a beach hut that we are staying in now it is really nice it feels like our little hide whole. It is a lot simpler and small than our last apartment but I still like it.

On the second day- after we had recovered from our flights- we went for a wonder down the beach and we saw this restaurant called Radiance and we liked the look of it so we said we will go there for some food after we had chilled out. So that is what we did we sat down and the waiter gave us the menu and it was a vegetarian restaurant. We had some amazing food If I can remember I had a European Breakfast with veggie ham and it was a taste sensation with the chillies inside the ham and the rough texture. Mum had a suzies yoga breakfast and that was fresh green vegetables and two pristine white and vibrant yellow eggs.

We have continued to have great food there and there is a wide range of stuff for us veggies to choose from. One day we were walking down the beach and every day we turned left once we got on the beach so on that day we turned right and we were looking on the beach and at first we didn’t like it but then we found a perfect spot. It wasn’t very good for swimming down on the other end because of all the rocks but down this end it was all clear and amazing for swimming. Behind us where some beach huts (we hadn’t booked them yet) and we thought about asking them another day how much per night. We had seen a restaurant made out of wood and called New Hut down the beach and we thought we could go there for some lunch so we walked up and got a menu and we saw that there was quite a lot of veggie options I ordered a banana and ice cream waffle so did my mum. They came and they were massive started digging in and after half of it I got full; it was very good though. There were some huts and we thought about asking about the price tomorrow.

It was the next day when we took the right turn and walked down the beach that was like paradise. We reached the New Hut and asked for the price and they said £11 ($14) per night so that was on our list. There was another place literally right next to New Hut called Beer House and we asked for the price there and they said £11 ($14) per night again so that was also on our list then there was one called Lamai Resort, they where the ones we sat in front of yesterday, we asked them the price and they said £27 ($34) per night. After we had checked all of that we had a sit down on the beach and started to talk about them we thought that Lamai was way to expensive so we had New Hut and Beer House left to choose from.

The next day we got up and decided to book the New Hut because they had a bathroom and two single beds; we booked it for elleven nights including that night even though we already had that night in the other accomodation. We did that because we can bring the bags over from the other place on that night. We were happy with our desicion once we looked inside and it was really small and cute. We headed back to our apartment and we grabbed my Backpack and my mums backpack and also my big heavy black case. We had to walk up the road and then cross it that was the tricky bit. We walked up the raod and the case was struggling so we picked it up and crossed the road and then we had to cross a little bridge and then we were there. We put my bag in and unpacked my hand luggage and then we were tired from carrying all the cases to the hut. We were sleeping at the apartment so we still had to go and walk back so we said lets do it. So we walked  back down the road and then we crossed over the road and got back into our apartment. We both landed on the bed we were pooped.

This leads my to today and we are now at our hut enjoying our time. I hope you are enjoying your time and please check out my youtube channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpmhLuNojRSCf0sW1iuSLyQ I will speak to you soon!


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