Myanmar Life

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Living Conditions

The living conditions in Myanmar are not the greatest for most people. There are many people that live under the poverty line. Most people tend to live in wooden or metal shacks; you may think that they are unhappy but they tend to be as happy as larry. Even though they don’t have that much they still enjoy their life. In Bagan near the Ayeyarwady River at sunset you can see families go down to it; the women will wash the clothes and the men and the kids will have a swim. You see them and they are so happy and having so much fun. Even though they struggle for food the still enjoy their life.



It is said that if you go easy on your money in Myanmar you can end up spending only £11.90 a day. Which is really good; accommodation is really cheap and it is definitely a good place to go if you are on a budget and travelling. Many travellers visit the ASEAN country each year; because of the cheap prices and cheap clothes. The cheapest choice for food is street food although most people tend to eat in posh restaurants because they don’t want to get ill. It is a sweeping comment to say that street food makes you ill because some can and some can’t.


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