Myanmar Introduction

Today I have started my project on Myanmar and also I have arrived on the Thai island of Koh Samui (Pronounced co-sa-mooe). I have made a vlog instead of a blog so I am going to leave my link to my youtube channel at the bottom of my post please subscribe! I hope you enjoy my introduction.


Where is Myanmar?

Myanmar is located in south East Asia and covers 653,583 square kilometers. The Asian country borders India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Lao People’s Democratic Republic. South Myanmar is bordered by 1,200 m2 and that water is the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Myanmar has been a part of Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) since 1997.

When was Myanmar Discovered?

The first every human inhabitants of the island recorded by man was over 13,000 years ago and the people of Tibet but they spoke the current language of Burmese. These Tibetans created the city-states of Pyu that ranged as far as the current day state of Pyay. These Burmese-speaking Tibetans also brought over the religion of Theravada Buddhism and it is one of the only religions that teach the sacred language of Pali. Myanmar today is a Buddhist country and most people still believed in Theravada Buddhism (More about Theravada Buddhism on the Culture Page). Another group of people the Bamars entered upon the Irrawaddy Valley and the Bamar version of Burmese started to creep in and so did the culture. There culture started to replace the Pyu norms. They went on to create the kingdom of Bagan. Then the Mongols attacked and slowly Burma (as it was formerly called) started to disappear. A lot more recently the English attacked and in 1948 Myanmar became independent.

I hope you liked it and here is my youtube the video will be up soon.

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