Mum’s Birthday

Today I wrote about the twin towers I hope you enjoy it. I know I have already posted about the Twin Towers but I wanted to give you some more information.


The Twin Towers are located in KlCC and are the tallest buildings in the whole KL. They also used to be the biggest buildings in the world until 2004 when Taipei 101 was built. Many people visit the huge building each year. One of the main attractions of the Twin Towers is the sky bridge that joins them together. Many people take pictures of the towers at the KLCC Park. If you ever go to Kuala Lumpur then you should definitely go to the Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers. The buildings are currently being used for offices and they are also being use for tours. There are two tours you can go to the highest point of the towers or you can stand in the sky bridge. It is not the only wonder of KL but is definitely one of the best.


Today is my mum’s birthday and I am realising how much she does for me and how much she gives me and I am a lucky boy. I am lucky to have a mum full stop. We had not got my mum a present so Iysha and me got our electric bikes (that we hired for the day) and we went to a temple that had a lot of stalls so we got her a two piece in a lovely blue, a bell and a necklace of pearls. We got her a bell because when ever we went to a temple and we heard the bells on the top of the Pagodas she would say that is my favourite sound in the world.


Today we didn’t really have a plan so we got up in the morning and Iysha and me were waiting until mum knocked on the door. We were waiting for quite a while and she finally did so we got the presents and then opened the door and we shouted

“Happy Birthday!” She was surprised but also happy. We gave her the presents we were worried about the pants the most and then she pulled them out and she loved them that was a sigh of relief and the she took out the bell and she said it was amazing then next the pearls she got them and went wow these are epic. We were happy and then we gave her a big hug. Mum went into her room for the presents off her friend and she got some champagne, perfume and also chocolate and she loved them. We were glad that she was happy. Mum wanted to go and get a pancake for breakfast so that is what we did. We got a table and we ordered some waters and then three-banana chocolate pancakes for my mum, Iysha and her friend and I got a plain pancake and a lipton tea it was good.

We had finished our food and then we went across the road to hired the e-bikes again. We did not know what we were doing we were just going to drive. We were driving for a while and then we saw something that we all liked the look of so we ventured in to it. Apparently it wasn’t really a temple because you couldn’t go inside it but it was still cool. It was like a ghost town there. There was elephant heads all over the bottom and also it was massive and made out of brick. We decided to leave and find somewhere else; we carried on down a road for quite a while we ended up in this desert area and it was really nice. It was really hot though so we decided to turn back and find somewhere to have a drink. So started to turn back and then we saw a sign saying ‘Elephant Riverside Restaurant’ so we ventured there. It was pretty hard to get there on our bikes. We got there looked at the view from the balcony and it was beautiful we chose a place to sit and then we saw an Antelope with a bird on its back taking a drink out of the river. It was like a seen out of a David Attenborough documentary; we sat there and watched it for a bit until we had to order some drinks. I got a Refresher to drink and the fried bean curd and sprouts for food and I was really looking forward to it. We were looking at all our wild life and then our food arrived and it was amazing because of all the smells and tasted my senses were tingling. It was like fire works inside my mouth the sweet but also the spice; it was great. My mum, Iysha and my mum’s friend enjoyed it too. We had finished and my mum really wanted to have a look around so we got up and exited the restaurant we really liked it there. There was a path leading to an old rackety bridge that we walked over and then we could see a blue and white shelter that looked out to the river. It was beautiful it was like paradise. We could see a peacock and its spectacular feathers that were like an explosion flying in all directions. We decided to chill out there for a bit so we sat down on one of the stony steps. We could occasionally see big fish jump in extravagant ways like they were dancing on a hard wood floor bouncing up and down. We loved our spot but we felt it was time to go. So we walked back to the bikes. We got there and we got on them and then zoomed off; the journey was long back and we were thirsty so we wanted to go somewhere for a drink. Iysha had heard someone talk about a place called be kind to animals and that we could get a drink there. So we headed there.

We arrived and it looked beautiful there I really liked the look of it. We got in and sat down and everything was made out of bamboo and wood. Mum wanted a Lime Soda, I wanted a vanilla milkshake, Iysha wanted an espresso and a ice cream and my mums friend wanted a coconut milkshake so that is what we ordered. They arrived and I wanted a taste of Iysha’s Ice Cream so I asked and she said yes so I had a try. It was like a freshly picked coconut off the tree with cream it was as creamy as a cloud. My milkshake was great it was very heavy on my stomach though. We had all finished and It was time to head back to get ready to go out for my mums birthday tea at be kind to animals 1. It was getting dark on the way back and you could see the majestic temples being lit up by bright lights.


We arrived back and it was seven o’clock and we were planning on leaving at eight thirty. I was going to write my blog until eight and then start to get ready. I love writing my blog and telling you all about my adventures and school work it is one of my favourite things to do. I have gained so much from travelling and I want to share that with you.


It was now eight o’clock so I got up and I was going to have a shower but I remembered that I had one earlier so I got my clothes on and they were a crisp white shirt and pale denim shorts. Then I put some aftershave on and also some cream. I was ready with ten minutes to spare. Iysha was ready as well so her and me went down to the lobby and waited for them. We had been waiting a while so we got on our e-bike and waited and then they came out and they were ready. So we set off it was dark so it was harder to navigate; every time a car light came towards you it would feel like you just had your photograph taken.

We arrived and the place looked really cute. We entered and seated at a table and then the menu came out and the food was amazing. I couldn’t decide but I ended up going for the vegetable coconut curry with tofu and an apple juice and also a water my mum got the same food. Iysha got a tamarind leaf curry and my mum’s friend got a pumpkin curry. We were talking just after we had ordered and two minutes later our food came out! That was really quick. I had a taste of my sauce and it was creamy and garlicky just how I wanted it. We tasted Iysha’s and it was like a missile has it your mouth with all the spice and flavour then mum’s friend and he wasn’t their so we tasted his sauce and it was sensational. We were all eating our food really quick because of how good it was. Once we had all finished my mums friend asked for three champagne glasses they arrived and he got the champagne out and told my mum to open it. Se did and it went squirting everywhere I was soaked when I say soaked I mean soaked. The first thing she did is “sorry Iysha” then I was like hello and then she looked at me and said “Oh” It was funny. It had been a great birthday and a great day I really enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I hope you had a good day


Over and Out


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