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Malaysia has a lot of great food and it is really tasty. One of the main ways to eat over there is the local food stalls even though they look dirty they serve great food.

Culture Malaysia

Malaysian food is based around spice and is similar to Indian food but also different in many ways. As you know Malaysia’s population is divided into three the Indians, Malays and the Chinese so that influences the food and that is why Malaysian food is very diverse. One of the breakfast favourites in Malaysia is Congee; it is almost like porridge or gruel. Congee is also on the McDonalds’ menu permanently in Malaysia because how much the locals like it. It is also normally served with chicken, beef, pork and seafood.



In MalBlogaysia they speak the language of Malay and over 290 million people speak it across the world. Many people call it Malay but the government refers the language to Malaysian. It is a compulsory language in Malaysia (that means that they have to learn it). It is spoken my most of the Malaysian population. Malay uses the same alphabet as English and would not be as hard as Russian to learn. Although Malay is the language of Malaysia more people can speak English than people can speak Malay. The language can almost relate to Javanese because some of the words are the same and are nearly the same.

This was a great thing to write about and I am enjoying writing about the places that I am going and I hope you are enjoying reading them.

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