Arriving in Yangon

Today I am going to do a bit of a two part blog I am going to show you some school work and also tell you about my travels. I hope you like it.

Nearly every country in the world has poverty and I am now going to tell you about the issue in Malaysia. There are people on the streets but also it has also got a lot of money. Even though it is a third world country there are a lot of big buildings and houses. One of the main places that people stay is in a high-rise apartment and that is because it is cheap and affordable for the people with less money. Some people can hardly afford to feed their family so you can see a beggar every now and again. Zero point six people live under the poverty line and that is not a lot of poverty. So overall for a third world country it is a pretty rich place.

Yesterday we left Malaysia and that is one of my favourite places we have been so far. We had a flight at seven o’clock in the morning and it was now three thirty when we got the taxi. The taxi journey was fast because there was no traffic that is not like usual. I was thinking in the taxi about all things I had done in Malaysia and all the new things I have seen. We arrived at the airport and it was all lit up. We got our cases and they were really heavy and we had to carry them all around the airport. It was about quarter past four when we arrived at the airport and we had to check in our bags so we walked over there. We must have cued for at least and hour and we finally got to the front. We got our bags on and then she asked our visa so my mum showed her the email with them on but she said they have to be printed. So Iysha ran to the printing shop and got them printed then we started again and it all went smoothly. By now it was at least twenty past five and we still had to go through security. The women said that we can skip the cue. Then a man shouted “What are you doing!” my mum said “We are late and can you have some human compassion please.” He replied with “You only have compassion in Europe!” that was weird and we carried on. WE gave them our passport and then went through a few scanning machines and then we had to walk to the gate. There was another security gate though; so we had to go through that. We got through and started to walk to our gates and we got there. We had enough time to spare to get a doughnut and a drink. We got on the plain and strait away I went to sleep next minute we were landing.

When we arrived we got our bags and went through immigration and then we tried to order an Uber but we ended up having a big rigmarole and we ended up getting a local taxi. I am now sat at the hotel writing this after a nap.

I hope you have had a good day.

Over and out.

I thought that I had posted this last night but it failed I am sorry :(.

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