The Orang Utan Island

Yesterday we went to the orang utan park that I was talking about a while back amd it was incredible. 
You had to get onto a boat and that was really excititing because I love being on water. The boat was quite big and had about 50 seats. There was only 5 other people on the boat which was suprising because I thought it was going to be rammed. The Boat journey was ten minutes and we were all really excited and couldn’t wait to get to the island. We could see it right infront of us and it was all jungly. We got close to the dock and we were getting ready to get off the boat and go onto the island. We got off the boat and met our tour guide she was very nice and very friendly. We could see the research centre and also the entrence. She was explaining how they were trying to look after the prime mates because they were at risk of excinction. This is be because of the parm oil buisness they are cutting down there homes. She also explained that you are in a long cage and the monkeys are free which was cool. She also said that there were twenty monkies in the island and they were rescued from indonesia and also borneo. They said that there was two kings of the island (monkeys) and that one killed the other. Both of them togetheer had the strenght of 30 men so that is 15 men each. It was time for the tour to start so we entered our cage and we could already see some monkeys in the tree and they were cute. We walked a bit further down and we saw a statue of the king that was killed and his name was Mike. I got a picture next to his statue which was to scale! They said because they were two different kings they would always fight. I think it was a bit of a stupid idea to put to kings on the island anyway. We continued to wall down tge cage and then we saw a door that lead into another cage. The women said that we can go into the cage and get close to the monkeys. The first one we saw was called Karina and she was really cute. Then we saw one called Jessica but she was really shy because she gets bullied by the other monkeys althougj the babies love her. Then the King came and his name was PJ. He was the one that killed the other king. He was really grumpy. Then a mother came with her baby cha cha and he was probably my favourite monkey. My mum said he was like me. We were there for about half an hour and the monkeys were literally just behined the gate. The women said that we can come back later but we need to finish the rest of the tour. So we continued down the cage. Then the tour guide said that the naughty monkeys were up the tree and she started to call them. Then she opened another door and it lead to another cage and she said that they were come down here. Funnily enough they did and they were two boys but the other troublemaker would not come down. Then a ranger threw a big peice of mango to the monkeys and one caughtt it but then they started to play fight for it and it was really funny. Once we had seen them for a bit we then went to the end of the cage where there were two tubed leading to the ground from inside the cage these were all ove the cage and that is how they feed them. They try to give the monkeys the least contact as possible and it is really thoughtfull of them and then we started to walk back.
We reached the door that we saw all the monkeys before and there were even more now. There were two grey monkeys that swim from the other islands! They loved Jessica she was the shy one. There was also another monkey and he was a tiney baby and he was so cute. We would touch a stick on one end and the monkey would touch it on the other side. Then it would pull the stick and sniff it. 
We stayed there for about 20 minutes and then the tour was over so we were taken to the main bit and we were shown the baby treatment areas which were really cool. Then we went to the shop and we bought a t-shirt to support the company because sometimes they struggled to feed the animals. Then we bought an ice cream as soon as we sat down the boat came and it was time to leave a great place. I really enjoyed that visit and it was incredible to see the monkeys that close up.
It was upsetting the amount of people went there was hardly anyone and people would rather see monkeys unhappy and locked up in a cage that see them happy on there own island and free. The women told us that last week a man said that they should make the monkeys do tricks and she replied with 

“Do you think the monkeys want to do that? They don’t they are unhappy and are forced to do things.” This was a really wierd thing to suggestt. The whole reason that the monkeys are on that island is because millions of monkeys habitats are being destroyed every year by the palm oil industry and it is very upsetting.
Overall the trip was good but also a bit sad.
Over and out.

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