Chinese Temple

Yesterday we went to a chinese temple and it was great to see what they worship because I have never really known what the chinese worship. It was inside a cave which was really cool. You had to walk up a few steps and then you reached the cave there was a giant golden Buddha in there and people were praying to it. We had a look around and then we saw a goddes called Quanyin and my mum has her tatoed on her back so she liked it. I found some stairs and me and Iysha went up them but then I realised Iysha had dissapeared so I started walking back down but she was there so we walked up the stairs and there were a lot of them. We reached the top and we could see the whole city. Then we saw another set if stairs that led to a view point we walked up and Iysha was tired I was a bit. We finally got up and we could see all the mountains and the city the view was incredible. We made our way down and my mum and her friend called Hendrick was down there. We went to a place over looking the jungle and it was epic. We then saw a building with stairs that led somewere I wanted to go up and so did Hendrick so we climbed the building it was really tiring and then we saw another set of stairs and we followed them all the way up to a temple like structure which was all open and had nothing in it it was a view point and it was amazing. It is probably one of the best views I have ever seen. You could see all the jungle and the highlands but the city infront of it. There were to parralels next to each other. We were really tired from walking up the stairs so we sat down for a bit. We took in the view and then we started to head back down we got a bit lost but then we found our way back. 
We were back on low ground and I couldn’t find my mum but I guessed she was in the cave on the floor down below. So we walked down and on the way down I saw her. Once we got to her we told her all about it. Apparently them two tried but they found it too hard and didn’t want to do it. We have now been to nearly every type of temple in Malaysia. I really loved climbing to the top of the mountain I felt like I had acheived something. It felt good. 
I hope you had a good day. If you ever get the chance to go to the temple then you should it was great.
Over and Out

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