The other day as part of my R.E lesson I wrote about the Hindu god Hanuman also known as the monkey god. I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you enjoy reading it



Hanuman is a Hindu god and is known as the Monkey God. Many Hindus believe in this god. Hanuman is a devotee of Sri Rama. Hanuman is mentioned in many Hindu books including the Chiranjivi and the Mahabharata. Hanuman was part of Rama’s war against the evil demon king Ravana. Several texts later he is also noted as a reincarnation of Shiva. Hanuman is meant to show strength devotion and perseverance because o18199076_1887811231461149_4202447913024688572_nf he has parts of Shiva in him. The deity once poured sindoor all over his body for lord Rama’s long life and that shows devotion. Lord Ram once issued death to lord Hanuman but he survived. There are one hundred and eight names for Hanuman in the Sanskrit language. People tend to believe in Hanuman to bring them power and devotion to them and another. Most Hindus worship the iconic god of Hanuman; there are many statues of Lord Hanuman all across the world and one of the biggest ones is at Batu Caves in Malaysia. Hanuman also has Shiva and Sita in his heart and that is shown on the picture. This is one of the most amazing things of Hanuman. He is a great god and many people across the world believe in hi. Do you?


Tomorrow we are going to hire a car so we can go a bit more north of Malaysia for a couple nights. We have booked are current place till Wednesday but we are staying a bit north for a couple nights and leaving our bags at our current place. We are going to see the orangutang island and that will be cool. We will be able to pet them and feed them. The island on the lake is a jungle and has loads of wild orang utans that have been rescued from borneo. So I can’t wait to see that.

At the moment I am waiting for my dads hotel to say if they can add me n or not and I hope they can. When I am on Holiday with my dad I love it because I have lots of fun with him and also spend a lot of time with him. I would love to see him.

I hope you are looking forward to tomorrow as much as I am.

Over and Out.

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