Different Races

Today I wrote about the main races in Malaysia and there are three main ones The Malays the indians and The Chinese I hope you enjoy this next paragraph.

In Malaysia there are three main races of people. They are the Indians the Chinese and the Malays. They also can’t stand each other that I don’t understand. The Chinese wear very revealing clothes and that annoys the Malays and Indians because in India and Malaysia the women have to cover up. The Chinese complain that they are always being stared and that is because of what they are wearing. The Malays are the original people of Malaysia and I understand why the people are annoying them because they came and took over there country. When they cross over they blank each other and do not say hi or smile. There is no reason not to be friendly.

Today we are just going to chill out and get some work done so wish me look. My dad has tried to get me into his hotel and I possibly might be able to come so that would be great :). After yesterdays trip to the caves I have felt a bit more energised which was weird. I hope you enjoyed my post and I hope you are ok.

Over and Out

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